Katie Holmes: “The upbringing of Suri is my primary work” | Style


Katie Holmes has emerged from the shadow in which is found in the last few years. The actress who rose to fame in the decade of the nineties with the tv drama Dawson grows it became one of the faces most candy out of the screen. Then grabbed the attention of half the world to marry in 2006 with Tom Cruise. Later came the birth of her daughter Suri, now of 10 years. After becoming a mother began her exile from the cameras, which ended up intensified when, in 2010, was divorced from the actor. However, his character and genuine style have again become the center of attention now returns to take the reins of your career, yes always keeping the life of his only daughter away from the world of the show.

In a lengthy interview with the magazine Town & Country, Holmes, 38-year-old discusses her role as Jackie Kennedy in the series The Kennedy’s After Camelot and of her motherhood, a topic that is quite leery. “Every day the kids walk away a little more of it. The positive aspect of this is that they become more independent, but also breaks the heart. One wants to stay always at our side, but we must do everything in our power to give them what they need, knowing they will. That moment will be very sad for me,” he assured the publication.

The actress confirms that the exposure that is involved with the work tends to be very complicated to manage. “Today many celebrities will probably try to protect their children from what is published in the tabloids; In my house we know that what is printed is not true, so we don’t pay attention to that kind of information. There are more important things. What happens is that people know who you are and write it, and that I can’t control it, ” he admits.

“My daughter is the most important person in my life, your parenting is my primary work in these moments. Be present in your day-to-day is essential as it is that you have a stable childhood and innocent. I feel very blessed to do what I do, but there is nothing better in life than to see the accomplishments that go reaching your children”, he added.

Since her divorce few are the times it has seen the protagonist of the saga “Mission impossible” next to Suri. Is more for years the magazines of the heart, americans have been assured that Cruise does not see his child for more than four years. “Tom does not have any relationship with her,” he said in 2016, a source close to the family to US Weekly.


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