Guide of makeup for redheads



Hair hair does not go unnoticed. Brand and defines the whole image and with a make up successful provides a look that’s always flattering being able to adapt to each situation. Keep in mind that the red hair has many shades ranging from coppery orange to darker, the attractive mahogany. In addition, redheads tend to have fair skin, sometimes with freckles, and eyes of different colors but predominantly light: blue, green, gray, honey…

Taking into account all these features, the makeup for redheads has their own “standards” to take advantage of that peculiar and always eye-catching hair. Supports any look, from the angelic to the femme fatalebut always on the basis that the makeup will have to go according to the hair, the color of which, always present, frame the entire face.

Whatever your shade, natural or artificial, make-up day you should aim to find an image that is fresh and natural, stepping subtly to the look and unchecked excess lips and cheekbones. For the nighton the contrary, a redhead look “feline” or lips to play with her hair, raise passions.


Select photos of smooth texture and light and always as close as possible to the tone of your skin. If you have given color to your hair and you complexion rather brown, you can use a lighter tone. They are trying to achieve a finish that is very natural in that case with the hair-hair that doesn’t sit well with a skin too dark. If you have freckles, do not try to conceal them covering them with a thick layer of make-up. The result would be entirely artificial. A light base the will, matizándolas but not make them disappear (you have no reason to. Freckles can be charming).


The ideal is to highlight your natural color without to overload them, especially in the make-up day. The range of green, blue, lavender or turquoise of particular benefit to the redhead. If your shade of red tends towards orange, or blond, combining the shades of these colors with other golden, copper or even yellow, that will bring light to your look. On the other hand, if your hair is dark red and your eyes brown-honey the shades of bronze, the vanilla and the earth they are the perfect complement. Of day, play with the different shades by applying the technique of blurring to achieve an effect delicate and, at night, extending the makeup to the outside corner of the eye for a deep look very attractive.

In general shadows with glitter effect are not recommended because the brightness of what you wear as in the red of your hair and could be recharged. On the other hand, avoids the excess of blacks and dark greys (type makeup gothic) it would be a shame subtract sweetness to your look clear and create a contrast little lucky.

In terms of the use of the eyeliner, if you’re a redhead you can afford the luxury of using any of a little colour to the usual green or blue very soft or the always successful grey. If your eyes are clear, not met brown and for a makeup shocking (night) try creating a bold contrast using black pencil or khol. Giving the final touch with a mask to lengthen your lashes, you will cause a sensation.



First tip, I forget about the pink! Although the different hues of this color look good on women of white skin, in the case of redheads are not flattering. For the everyday look is preferable to opt for a correct delineated (not too strong) and lipsticks in shades nude, coral or orange (this last, if your hair is copper). To highlight a sensual mane of mahogany, nothing better than some lips in shades earth, eggplant or plum.

The night is the time to dazzle. Here yes that lips color intense red and full of brightness may be the best weapon of seduction of redheads.


Give color to the cheeks and apply a few powder fasteners are the final step of a good makeup. Simply a slight touch of the blush in your cheekbones. If your skin is very white here it is allowed a subtle pink, to provide a “look good” and not excessive color. Another option, if your hair is copper, it is a peach tone or a very soft ground and with hints of orange. Finally, if you’re a redhead you can dispense powders that include particles enlightening, simply some of fixation mate.

Makeup quick and natural to redhead in 3 steps!

Redhead natural are lucky because in only 3 steps will be able to show off a radiant face. If you have freckles, don’t stop!

  1. The shadows most will enhance the attractiveness of your eyes will be shades of blue and mauve, clear, soft greens and copper. Your gaze will soften and highlight the color of your eyes, which will probably be brown or green. Don’t forget a touch of mascara!
  2. The cheeks you must color them in with a pink very soft and delicate, or a tone tile claritoalthough you can do without the blush if you have freckles, they may already give a pleasant tone.
  3. The shades chosen to make up your lips will be the brown tile and redeven you can mix both tones so that the result is not too intense and is consistent with the soft tones and the natural make-up that prevails in the face.

To finish the day tab the following tips to take your makeup off at.


Evan Rachel Wood, makeup in shades of peach, perfect with your hair red

Photo Evan Rachel Wood, makeup in shades of peach, perfect with your hair red


Actress Evan Rachel Wood, lights up her blue eyes with a red light, her white skin creates a beautiful contrast. With a makeup in shades of peach you get a natural effect.

Karen Gillan highlights the makeup of your eyes

Photo Karen Gillan highlights the makeup of your eyes


Karen Gillan bet for a make-up that highlights their eyes, leaving in a second plane to the lips, that color of a tone beige very soft.

Maria Castro, with red hair and natural freckles that does not hide

Photo Mary Castro, with red hair and natural freckles that does not hide


The actress is a redhead and natural bet for a makeup very discreet, don’t hide your features and freckles.

Nicole Kidman and her blond hair brassy with red lips

Photo Nicole Kidman and her blond hair brassy with red lips


Nicole Kidman highlights the whiteness of his skin and his blond hair coppery with lips red passion.

Ana Polvorosa bet for red lips

Photo Ana Polvorosa bet for red lips


Actress Ana Polvorosa has a beautiful hair coppery. Usually bet for a makeup very natural, but on those special occasions resorted to the lip in red.

Julianne Moore is a redhead that has a stake in the natural makeup

Photo Julianne Moore is a redhead that has a stake in the natural makeup


Actress Julianne Moore bet for a natural makeup to intensify the eyes with a long lashes.


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