First photo of Evangeline Lilly from the set of Ant-Man: is Wasp?


MADRID, 22 Aug. (CulturaOcio) –

Evangeline Lilly has revealed her new look for the film Ant-Man. A hairstyle that is reminiscent of a certain heroine closely related to the hero: The Wasp.

A photo on Instagram with Paul Rudd desvelaba your new look, a hairstyle in the style of yé-yé that showed to celebrate the start of the shooting of the new film of Marvel.

In the following, since dared to ask, “does itThat you like my new cut?”, with a foreground profile of your new style of hair chestnut.

Where does this fit in the Marvel universe? The hairstyle of Lilly, Hope Van Dyne in the film, is exactly like the one who wears the heroine Wasp in the comics, whose alter ego is Janet Van Dyne. To this we will see some kind of flashback, though we don’t know what family relationship you have with Hope.

The Wasp (or the Wasp) was one of the heroes founders of The Avengers and has teamed up with Hank Pym (Ant-Man original) on many occasions.

According to Kevin Present in its day, this was a movie on to pass the baton. With Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) passing the mantle of man ant Scott Lang (Rudd), it would not be strange that Janet did the same thing with Hopealthough we will have to wait for July 2015 to get out of doubts.


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