Evangeline Lilly was “penned” to shoot scenes, half naked in Lost


MADRID, 3 Aug. (CulturaOcio) –

Lost, considered one of the best series of all time, ended eight years already. Evangeline Lilly, who gave life to Kate, he recalled his step-by-fiction, although as revealed, not everything was positive. The actress has confessed that he felt “penned in” to shoot scenes,half naked, until I finally stood up to the computer.

“In the third season I had a bad experience on the set, I felt cornered to do a scene topless, I felt I had no other option,” he said. “I was tormented and trembling when it ended. I was crying and I had to make a magnificent scene, very strong, later.”

The interpreter told also the same thing happened during the fourth season, at which time it planted. “There was another scene in which Kate was desvistiendo and I fought very hard to have that scene under my control. And I could not control it“he pointed out. “Then I said: ‘This is it, nothing more. You can write whatever you wish, I will not do it. I shall never again take off my clothes in this series’. And I didn’t do it”.

Lilly has not returned to film another scene nude from your step by Lost, a choice that she has made deliberately selecting projects. “I’ve been in this for 15 years. Now I know better what I have to do to not spend any uncomfortable situations,” said the actress.

“Because I have had experiences that are uncomfortable, when I read scripts where there are nudes, step by step,” revealed the actress, who clarified that it “does not consider that there is something wrong in nudity”, but it just doesn’t feel “comfortable and safe”. “I feel sorry for the women who struggling to get ahead in the industry and do not know how to handle that”added.

With respect to Lost, the actress also confessed that she felt disappointed when her character went from being “an icon of strength and independence for women” at the center of the love triangle with Jack (Matthew Fox) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway). “My character went from having his own journey to chase the men all over the island. That bothered me,” he confessed.


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