Evan Rachel Wood confesses his bisexuality on Twitter: “My husband knows it”


Evan Rachel Wood

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The actress could not avoid confessing his like for another famous woman…

Evan Rachel Wood just made a confession via twitter: ¡like Milla Jovovich!

Both will sing in a gala charity THE Gay & Lesbian Center on the 10th of may. And Evan Rachel Wood, gave the revelation on his feelings about the model and actress of Ukrainian 38-year-old, via twitter, during an interview with Matthew Bree of The Advocate.

“My husband knows very well that I like Mila,” said the star of 26 years to their 209 thousand followers. “I mean, Who doesn’t? It is absolutely talented”, he added.

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The nominated for two Golden Globes first announced her bisexuality three years ago in the journal Esquire. “I took off a weight from above,” he told Breen about the out of the closet. “I did it because it is part of who I am. I wanted people I really knew. I also wanted to inspire people to be who they are. Perhaps help a child of 12 years to know that it is okay and not wanted to feel that I had to hide the women in my life,” he added.

“I’ve been ashamed of the two sides by identifying myself in this way. People like things that are white or black. It is less scary. The grey areas make people uneasy. But the pain and fear and confusion are very real as any other sexuality and you are not alone”. explained.

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But the big challenge, according to the star The Wrestler, it was to tell her mother, Sara Lynn Moore. “Esquire it was nothing compared to when I tried to tell my mother when I was 12 years old. I was so scared and cried so much that I could not say the words,” he said.

The star of True Blood he says he is very proud of Ellen Page and their exit from the closet as a lesbian in the event LGBTQ held in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day.

Nine days later, Wood and the canadian 27-years were photographed having lunch together in L. A. The actress Thirteen and the star of Juno soon they will act as sisters in the drama of science fiction, Into The Forest.

“Ellen has become one of my closest friends. When you really make a link with a very nice person for a role is one of the best parts of the job,” wrote Evan.

Despite the sexual preferences of Wood, has only been linked romantically to men like Shane West, Alexander Skarsgard, his former fiance Marilyn Manson and current husband Jamie Bell.

She and the star of Tum have decided to keep the name of his son eight months private.


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