David Ramsey is still willing to come back as John Diggle in the Arrowverse


After almost a decade playing the role of John Diggle in Arrow and the other shows Arrowverse for The CWthe actor David Ramsey told in an interview with ComicBook that he would love to continue working on the character while the writing is strong and the stories are Interesting to him. Ramsey it seemed to suggest that this is especially true, if that ring of Green Lantern we saw at the end of the series turns out to be something they can actually use in the story. The actor, who will appear alongside fellow veterans Arrow, Paul Blackthorne, Juliana Harkavy, Katherine McNamara and Michael Rowe in the Virtual Fan Experience of Creation Entertainment during the weekend, no doubt will face many questions Green Lantern during the questions and answers of tomorrow.

The event, which takes place tomorrow evening shortly after the of Harkavy. In both cases, their characters had stories that didn’t end at the end of Arrow.

The way John Diggle ended up has another beginning for him, “he said Ramsey to ComicBook. “So I think for a character like this, and for the type of people who write around it, I think it can stay fresh for a long time“.

He admitted that in his profile Cameo, where fans can pay celebrities to send greetings on video, the oath of Green Lantern is fairly well represented in their applications. He also said that, whether the ring is playing a role immediately, has already had some conversations loose on the way back to the Arrowverse.

Speaking of my return“he admitted Ramsey. “I mean, you may or may not be calm, but you know something more, the idea that maybe you are not working or things will be very different when the work has made me appreciate the idea of working in general… I really want to go to work, and if that involves the Arrowverse, I’m happy about that“.


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