Critique: ‘Westworld’ 3×07 — ‘Passed Pawn’


“A true friend is one who comes when the others leave.” I wanted to start the criticism of today with a minute to concentrate on and appreciate the originality and extravagance of the synopsis HBO Spain gives us episodes of Westworldbecause of this episode 3×07 is so cryptic that you can follow without understanding it after watching the episode. And what else gives you that if we have seen Dolores and Maeve sharing tow?

But before you get to the point culmination of the drones, machine-gun and arms that explode, we start the episode in Jakarta following in the footsteps of Musashi-Pain (How Musolores?) through whom you give us the only information we have on this episode Charlotte-Aches (you know, for us, Charlores): after the explosion of the car seems determined to follow its own path and rebel, against the plans of Pains, that is to say, in and of itself.

But Charlores does not have in mind to propose amendments to Musashi the independence of Sorrows, nor an alliance, but sent to you, which dogs, two young ladies who are to be on the side of Maeve: Clementine and Hanaryo (what are they-them, or are they something else?). There is No time for more answers because the head of Musashi wheel literally and, therefore, Charlores is the only copy of the Pain that is loose (at least that we know).

The plans of liberating from Pain, so seen, have a roadmap with more scales than Khaleesi for the Bay of Slaves, and this week had to go, accompanied by Caleb and horseback riding, to Mexico. In particular, to a landscape that had inspired the artificial park of Westworld which, as we know, is somewhere in Asia. And what they are looking for is Salomon, that artificial intelligence that created the brothers Engerraund Serac and Jean My Serac before Rehoboam.

And it turns out that, as Jean-Mi, ended up being an artificial intelligence is schizophrenic and, therefore, dangerous, but also more interesting than the one that finally put into practice Engerraund to protect Humanity (why don’t they destroyed? Oh, the mystery!). The crux of the matter is that for the life elapses as Rehoboam proposes, there are a number of individuals with a tendency for rebellion to be put out of the game, only that instead of killing them they perform some complex exercises to be extended (which it is hard to believe, because, being wicked-malosos the normal thing would be for them metiesen a shot in the forehead and chimpún) and stored there, in the hangar of the ball crazy (sorry, Solomon). Not for him the three feet to the cat and let’s go to the important thing.

What of Caleb. That is what is important, because it is clear in this episode that we are facing the version Nolan-Joy of the journey of the hero. Finally, the boy has passed from the known (“I am only an operator of the construction”, he says) to the unknown, unlocking the memories of your true past and discover the experiments of a roll-over to which it was submitted. Review the chart of the monomito proposed by Joseph Campbell helps us to see clearly that Caleb has lived in this episode, your great revelation, which will lead to the transformation needed to perform its important work and its consequent atonement.

Aaron Paul is Caleb in ‘Westworld’. (Source: HBO)

The other thing that I called especially the attention is the relationship between Solomon and Pains. And, more specifically, that he seems to be looking over his shoulder at her, knowing how a body artificial much higher: he is a kind of God that knows everything and can calculate all the possible variants that will take place, while it is made in the image and likeness of the human. Makes it very clear when Pains she tries to be compared: “we do Not seem significantly,” he responds. “We’ve both gone beyond the original purpose and your creator has said you can’t leave here. I know what it feels like,” he insists, but she the ball denies the greater: “Both analogies are a bit simplistic”. Can this mean this Pain is trying to use Solomon for their plans, but that he can have his own goals and he would take his chances?

And then, when things started to get very intense between Pain and ball crazy, appears to Maeve for war. I still clattering in the motivations of both to be faced, but we will not say no to a fight as expectedthis time both in their housings and main in the real world, with drones that shoot and katanas (and Evan Rachel Wood, showing that it is a black belt in taekwondo, careful with that). Pain loses the arm and Maeve are about to win: “You have died many times, but this will be your last”, he says moving closer to your opponent while this is dragging on.

But Dolores keeps an ace up his sleeve, of course. Not just press a button to leave to the two moñecas, which seems a chutazo electromagnetic to finish with all the robots nearby, but before giving Caleb has managed to download on a pendrive the exact plan for carrying out the revolution (“You tell me how to kill your creator!”, exclaimed he enfadadísimo). And then it makes much more sense the strategy of Pains: if they fall to the machines, a man pissed (pardon, The HéroeTM) may be the key to lead everything to its last consequences. As it says Bernard, Dolores was created with poetic sensitivity.

New episodes of the third season of ‘Westworld’ are available every Monday on HBO Spain.


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