Coronavirus prevents celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie “Fame”


Among his proteges in real life, the school is proud to have been to figures of the stature of Jennifer Aniston, Adrien Brody, Nicki Minaj or Sarah Michelle Gellar, along with stars most recent Timothée Chalamet, Ansel Elgort, Azealia Banks, Awkwafina, or Zazie Beetz.

During the 40 years that have passed since the “LaGuardia“it became, thanks to the tape, in the center of the secondary “more famous than US”, the college has had no fear in accepting his association with “Fame“as witnessed by the soundtrack of the film which you can listen to the phone call to the education center.


Since the founding of the institution in 1936 by the initiative of the then mayor of New York, Fiorello H. LaGuardiahas proven to constantly of the importance of young people to receive an artistic education outstanding.

Todos studies have shown that studying art or study music helps your brain and helps you learn how to do other things, such as developing critical thinking“highlights Schneider on the academic plan of the institute, in which the students spend half their day to academic subjects and the other half to develop their talents, so they have a school day two hours longer than normal.

The director of the association of former students, who graduated from the institute in 1989, writes that the film gives you a glimpse pretty realistic of what life is like for a student “LaGuardia“, although it points out that the tape is a “drama and not a documentary“.

People are not skipping classes or disrespecting teachers. That is the difference with the movie“, argues Schneider, who with your organization manages more than 160 funds funded by alumni, which fund certain “luxuries” of this public school, as the live music that is used in each dance class, or singing, instead of recorded music.


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