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We are in the final stretch of the quarantine, enjoy these tapes distributed by Cinemex, which you can watch in streaming: Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

I, Tonya (2017). Tonya Harding is a successful figure skater: triumphant in competition in the united States and around the world, have the mat set to sweep in the winter olympics. Has a problem: an arch-enemy named Nancy Kerrigan.

Built like a fake documentary, with testimonies from the protagonists, the film is loaded with humor, deep black line and some fantastic performances: glow Margot Robbie as the ambitious Tonya -who overcomes situations pathetic to get to the top – and Allison Janney, tremendous as her caustic mother. This tape is an exercise acid, fun and different. Don’t miss it.

The Spy Red (2018). Joan Stanley (Sophie Cookson) is a young university restless and idealistic. These features of his personality, the carried to work by Great Britain. But well, they say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions; you will soon receive an offer to be a double agent for the KGB.

Starring also by Judi Dench, the always attractive topic of espionage, here is a journey into the past, in which are exposed some very interesting data about the true life of this scientific caught between the love of country and the courage of his convictions. The staging is attractive and, in general, is a thriller that is entertaining.

Looking for Ingmar Bergman (2018). For film buffs comes this documentary directed by the German filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta, who reconstructs the life and style of the film from this iconic Swedish director.

Through interviews with colleagues such as Olivier Assayas and Carlos Saura, and actresses fetish of this director, as Liv Ullman, we can understand more of his life and work: his focus on his childhood and roots, the weight of the religion and the obsession with repressed sexuality. Unmissable if you are a fan of the career of this creator.

Galveston (2019). Melanie Laurent is full of surprises: not only is an actress’s fresh and multi-faceted, but also a director interesting.Her diverse filmography adds this story about a criminal in full decline (Ben Foster) and a very damaged young woman who he meets on the way (Elle Fanning). The film has moments sordid and painful, which are compensated by the strength of the performances protagónicas, especially the brightness of Fanning.

The Guilty (2018). Handle calls in an urgent care center involves attending to undesirable: from drug addicts to criminals. But what happens when a call involves violence? What if you are involved children?

We are struck by how very clever of this thriller, Danish, with minimal resources, manages to communicate the terror of the unimaginable, and to keep the suspense. With a few close-ups claustrophobic, the starring Jakob Cedergren, conveys astonishment and frustration. He keeps a secret.

Cinemex has this available on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play and ITunes


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