Christina Aguilera launches her new song ‘Haunted Heart’: Escuchala here



The new animated version of The Addams family opens in cinemas on the 11th October. For the more impatient, Christina Aguilera just brought out the topic that corresponds to the soundtrack of the new movie that you can already listen to here

The family most chilling of the film returns to the billboard with his new animated version and Christina Aguilera it is one of the responsible of put on the soundtrack. The song ‘Haunted Heart’ gives us a small preview of the that awaits us with this new film that will be released next October 11,. The who began his career as a girl Disney with the song ‘Reflection’ for the film Mulan last 20 years of musical career behind his back and a huge number of successes, among which include ‘Beautiful’ Her second album “Stripped”, ‘Hurt’ His third album “Back To Basics” or ‘Dirrty’ her second album “Stripped” , collaborating with the rapper Redman.

How Christina Aguilera and The Addams family?

The artist herself through his profile of Instagram announced this week that it would release the new theme and as promised here’s what we havethe new song that we already have video clip it shows certain scenes of the new movie The Addams family along with Christina during the recording in the studio.

Although this is a story that surely you have heard of the new film directed by Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan we have to say that Xtina has not been the first to put the soundtrack to the movie, since the last Friday the 13th of September, came to light the theme of ‘My Family’. Performed by MIgos, Karol G,Rock Mafia and Snoop Dogg which was also part of the BSO.

How Christina Aguilera and The Addams family?

Mysterious, with a lot of strength and sensuality (inevitable with the vozarrón spent Aguilera) are the adjectives that best define the new song, which will be introduced in the spine-chilling story of The Addams family.

For now we only know that the family is going to have to deal with Margaux Needlera wicked malvadísima going to try to make life impossible for our protagonists, but at least we can be satisfied with listening to the new temita ‘Haunted Heart’ of Christina Aguilera.

How Christina Aguilera and The Addams family? How Christina Aguilera and The Addams family? How Christina Aguilera and The Addams family? How Christina Aguilera and The Addams family?


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