Biden wants to Michelle Obama as vice president


The virtual nominee of the Democratic Party to the presidency of the united States, Joe Biden, stated that it would take the former first lady Michelle Obama as a companion formula “in the blink of an eye”, although he added that she most likely is not interested in the position.

“It’s brilliant. Knows how to move. Is a woman very fine. The Obama are great friends,” said the former vice president Barack.

Since February, Biden announced that his vp candidate would be a woman. The names that have been heard are those of the former candidates Elizabeth Warren, the most progressive of the list; and Kamala Harris, who had a performance very prominent at the start of the campaign last year.

Obama announces his support to Biden and asks for unity to the voters of Sanders

Also has sounded the name of Stacey Abrams, former candidate to the governance of Georgia in 2018, where he lost by a closed margin. Since then, Abrams has become one of the driving forces behind the vote of more active USA.

Both Abrams as Warren have stated that they are interested in the position. “It would be an excellent companion of formula,” said Abrams Elle magazine. “If you choose me, I’ll be prepared and excited to serve.”

Valerie Jarrett, an adviser to Obama during his term in the White House, stated that there was no chance whatsoever that the former first lady would accept to join the contest. “It just has never expressed interest in contending for a fee,” he said in an interview. “They are doing the difficult. She doesn’t want the job,” said the former official.

A big part of the campaign, Biden headed to the nomination has been marked by its closeness with Obama. The former vice president has not let pass any opportunity to talk about his time in the White House, his work in some of the policies that are more emblematic of the former president, as the Obamacare, or its role in combating the epidemic of the H1N1.

Perhaps thanks to that he has never occupied a position of popular election, Michelle is one of the most popular figures of the Democratic Party. In 2016, campaigned for Hillary Clinton and his speeches are always among the most popular. However, the former first lady has never sought an office.

On the other hand, since the crisis broke out, the Covid-19 for Biden has been very difficult to be placed in the media. Donald Trump again dominates the public discussion thanks to his daily press conferences, while the virtual democratic nominee is locked up without the possibility of making campaign events. Add Michelle to your campaign would certainly be a significant boost in the midst of the storm.

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