Adara welcomes you to your new life | Big bang


The life of Adara has been characterised by a true roller coaster of emotions. The proclaimed winner of Big Brother VIP 7we fell in love with Gianmarco, he suffered his break and now seems to have returned to find love.

But the young man is not the only family that has occupied the front pages of all media. Also what has made his mother, Elena Rodriguez after his step by Survivors, which has been a real challenge for our protagonist.

Now Adara has decided to put an end to the bad energies of your life and welcome to your new version. So what has been shown in its last publication on Instagram, in which she poses with a bikini-purple. “New life” are the words, in English, to accompany these images.

Your friend, Fani, popularly known for his role on The Island of Temptation, has not been able to avoid reacting to the new step in the life of a Miller. For this reason, we have discussed this with three emojis of a flame of fire.

And you, what do you think will be the next step in this new stage of Adara? Do you think that will resolve his differences with Gianmarco or, on the contrary, will demonstrate publicly your love for Cristian ATM?