A source close to Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes gives more details about their relationship | News


When they met the first rumors of a possible relationship between Shawn Mendes and Camila Hairthe social networks were revolutionized. Shawmila it is already real.

In fact, few days ago we were able to view the articles seized from the hand and with a big smile on his face. Is that the happiness of love? We dare to confirm it. Although a source close to them has given new data about this relationship that put them in situation to his followers.

As stated in Nation Rex, this anonymous person says that none of the two artist is in search of a serious relationshipbecause Camila just break up with your ex Matthey Hussey and Shawn is about to give beginning to your tour.

Be that as it may, both they seem to be happy moments you share togetherin public and in private. And not what we say, but the images that they have seen the light.

This information provided by the source close says that the reason that She denied a few days ago that his relationship with the singer. And does not lie. Not looking for anything serious, so they are not coming out officially together, but the rubbing makes the love, so don’t be surprised if they confirmed in the near future.

If so, we are sure that Camila would have no problem in becoming part of the family of the canadian. It has earned the support of his “mother-in-law”, and that is a merit. When the cuban shared a funny video with Mendes, Karen, her mother, decided to react with two emojis: a heart and a boy and a girl in love.

The truth is that many followers are looking forward to the final confirmation of this relationship, although the protagonists prefer to enjoy the moment and not engaging.

And you, what the shippeas?


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