A jumpsuit may be a better idea than a party dress


There are many memorable scenes of the second season of Fleabagthat caused a frenzy in the audience was the first with that jumpsuit black Phoebe Waller-Bridge. There is a security in itself that emanates Waller-Bridge in that first sequence, meeting up with his family for the first time after a year without being seen, deciphering whether to flirt with the priest or not, that turned to the internet crazy looking for her look under all the stones (it’s from the british brand Love and costs £38), this makes her look so sexy and cool with its Superga platforms that we can not think of how a dress could be a better option for a dinner full of family members willing to judge us, a first date or a night out. It’s not surprising that the actress has been left with the jumpsuit, and plan to wear it again, someday.

But that attitude of ‘I’m beating the life’ does not come free, it requires a particular kind of attitude to wear a jumpsuit instead of a gown knowing that the rest of the invited iran for long. A jumpsuit will attract the attention, not necessarily for what is sexy -unless we’re talking about J. Lo– usually not so feminine -unless we’re referring to Emily Ratajkowski– but so strong, so cool, so determined to erase a bit of the boundaries that delineate what is feminine and what is masculine, so original and fun. There are not many who dare to take to the red carpet more important, probably because of fear to look informal to the side of both Oscar de la Renta and Valentinobut it is precisely for this reason that when done well, is more memorable than any dress or queue with infinite layers of tulle. This was the case Emma Stone at the Golden Globes 2015. That year Amal Clooney -who also knows how to rock a jumpsuit when he wants to – he made his debut on the red carpet as newly married, the Dior black that you chose was better than the catwalk model, his white gloves were pure drama and his image certainly had potential to be for posterity, but it was the jumpsuit of Stone which stole all the headlines, and seeing it again today, we understand why.

Emma Stone wore a jumpsuit from Lanvin to the Golden Globes 2015

© Jason Merritt/TERM

The jumpsuit is the epitome of female empowerment, comfortable, sexy and fun, says better than any mini skirt that the one wearing it is ready for whatever, knows how to handle your alcohol intake -don’t ask me why, but a woman in a jumpsuit, I look like someone who will keep his composure until dawn – and will be the friend that they all want to have that night, like Phoebe, who doesn’t want to be the best friend of Phoebe? Other jumpsuits legendary share, then, from the sensational Stella McCartney of Julia Roberts the Golden Globes of last year at the indecipherable but ultra hot Ratajkowski in Cannes, every one of these was much better than its equivalent in a dress and without doubt passed and will stand the test of time:


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