Netflix: the major movies coming to the platform in April


Intern of fashion, now available to enjoy on Netflix in this quarantine Credit: Netflix

For this

mandatory quarantine in the wake of the pandemic coronavirus



bet for the classics in your offer

films of April.

Therefore, you will be able to review films of cult as

The club of the five


Forrest Gump.

Here we do a tour of the most important titles that are added to the platform



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Intern fashion – Trailer – Source: YouTube


Nancy Meyers it ran momentarily of the romantic comedies -the film-maker has directed feature films such as

Someone has to give


Enamorándome of my ex,

that can also be found on Netflix – with this film that puts the focus on the friendship less thought. Ben Whittaker

(Robert De Niro)

is a man a widower of 70 years who lives a daily life somewhat monotonous. However, her reality is turned upside down when it is postulated as an intern with a fledgling fashion business


It is there where he meets his boss, Jules

(Anne Hathaway),

who is on a personal and professional crossroads in which it will be aided by Ben, who unexpectedly ends up becoming his best friend and confidant.


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The club of the five – Trailer – Source: YouTube


If there is a movie that paved the way to many other productions about the world of a teenager, that is

The club of five.

Since the phrase “when you grow up, your heart dies”, until that iconic final with the theme of Simple Minds “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, the film by the late John Hughes -who has always remained faithful to the imagination of youth – it is simply extraordinary. Five teens spend a Saturday “detention” in the library of the high school for having committed different offences. In that space, where in the first instance prejudice, eventually you will notice that they have many things in common, from bad family experiences to the insecurities that his companions had never noticed previously.

The nickname of the work of worship is ascribed to many movies, but

The club of the five

it is one of the few that is really the height of that nomenclature. Starring Molly Ringwald (the princess), Judd Nelson (“the criminal”), Anthony Michael Hall (“the brain”), Emilio Estevez (“the athlete”), and Ally Sheedy (“the basket case”).


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Trailer Love. Wedding. Random.


A few months ago, Netflix is committed by oxygenating the soil of the romantic comedy, from the saga

young adult To all the guys that I fell in love with,

up to the more grown-up and hilarious

Perhaps for always.


adds to the catalog of the platform


in this genre that has its faithful followers. However, unlike the previous productions, in this case have been preserved details of the plot, which will have many twists and turns. “An ex-girlfriend angry. An unwanted guest. A secret. A pill that is not where it should be. The great love that got away,” reads the synopsis of the film in which Sam Claflin plays the brother of the bride, who will live again and again the event, but the results are well disimiles. Olivia Munn and Freida Pinto are the contrafiguras female of this comedy that promises to be unpredictable.


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Do you know Joe Black? Trailer – Source: YouTube


This remake of the classic 1934

Death Takes a Holiday

has a lot of edges. On the one hand, it has the cadence proper to the films of Martin Brest, who had already directed

Perfume for women,

and those who ratified that points to a film something static, at times with a lack of dynamism. On the other hand, has a subplot undervalued, commanded by the actions of

Anthony Hopkins

and Marcia Gay Harden, father and daughter respectively, who liman rough edges when the character of the actor, William Parrish, know that death has come for him. This leads us to the death in question -personified by

a Brad Pitt of fame and ascending,

that ends up falling in love with Susan (Claire Forlani), the younger daughter of the magnate to whom you need to take with you. Although there are some differences,

Do you know Joe Black?

has to Hopkins as an ace under the sleeve to raise any scene.


(Already available)

Starring the always impeccable

Wagner Moura

(impossible to forget your Pablo Escobar of the first two seasons of


available on Netflix),


focuses on the life of Sergio Vieira de Mello,

a diplomat from the UN who was killed in a terrorist attack in 2003. Directed by Greg Baker,


it is a biopic written by Oscar-nominated Criag Borten, taking as a basis the book of the winner of the Pulitzer prize winner, Samantha Power. The film had its premiere in January, at the Sundance Film Festival, and starting this month it will be available on the platform


. “I had to create my own version of Sergio because, at the end of the day, that is what we do as actors. We had a great responsibility towards him, but at the same time had to devise something of their own”

he said Moura to the portal Collider

. The cast of this biopic -that works as a complement to the documentary of 2009 Baker, also titled


features performances by Ana de Armas, Garret Dillahunt, Brian F. O’byrne and Will Dalton.


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Trailer rescue Mission


In this feature film, Sam Hargrave,

Chris Hemsworth

plays Tyler Rake, a mercenary who is presented with a complex mission: to save a child that is used as a pawn between two drug traffickers. The goal will not be easy for the protagonist, who must venture into a world not without its dangers, which will have a double meaning for him: what will aware of the context that surrounds it, but at the same time will allow you to hold on to something, after feeling that he has lost everything.

Rescue mission

account with script by Joe Russo (director key next to his brother of the films of Marvel, as

Avengers: Endgame),

and Hargrave made his debut as a director with this thriller that has a cast member David Harbour, Derek Luke, and Rudhraksh Jaiswal.


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Forrest Gump Trailer – Source: Youtube


The film of Robert Zemeckis marked without a doubt a time, and many scenes and quotes remain indelible in the collective unconscious. The script by Eric Roth -who would repeat itself in its structure with the lower

The curious case of Benjamin Button,

directed by David Fincher, based on the novel by Winston Groom, not only makes a review of the life of the protagonist

(Tom Hanks,

he won his second Oscar for this interpretation), but also for the history, socio-political american, from the ignorance about HIV until the Vietnam War.

It also has a


that, although at times it is redundant with the images, it is also impossible to forget. Winner of 6 academy awards, including best film and best director,

Forrest Gump

it is a feature-length epic, with huge work of Hanks, Sally Field, Robin Wright and Gary Sinise.