How much he has grown up the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at 14 years old just turned


Since I was born, Suri Cruise, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, has generated a lot of excitement. And that is that we could say that Suri is one of the daughters of famous more hunted by the paparazzi… And is that your 14 years old, the daughter of the former spouse of the actors is an influencer.

Her style is the most copied, and is that Suri shares with her mother her great love for fashion and trends…

This past April 18, the young person’s 14th birthday and her mother has organized a nice birthday at home with reason of the quarantine which are also affected in New York by the coronavirus.

The actress has shared with all his followers a picture where it shows how he lived his daughter, his birthday, and although in the instant we see the small of his back, surprised at what more that is already Suri to his 14 years. It is already a teenager! In the video you teach it!

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