Bustamante wants it and retrieves one of the songs of your life


There are songs that arrive in the life of an artist to stay, and sometimes are not necessarily topics of own harvest. As to us, our artists inspire them and arouse emotions songs of other colleagues of music that on many occasions they do theirs. In this sense, there is a song that carries accompanying David Bustamante during his whole career.

We talk about Today I feel like it, one of the mythical Miguel Gallardo. These days, the spaniard has brought to their “old friend” the guitar to make the sun and is full of life with this by interpreting this topic, version that has returned to conquer his followersbecause it is not the first time that Bustamante the sings.

The piece has taken on a new message, which David Bustamante we wanted to give. Today, more than “wanting it”, the artist has a desire of their followers, returning to the scenarios and share with them the magic of a concert.

The journey of this relationship

We imagine that the relationship of the artist with this song began long before, but the first ray of light that emit together what we saw in the year 2006with the launch of Pentimentotheir fourth album. In it, Bustamante gave a version of the mythical songs of our music from original artists such as Juan Gabriel, Marc Anthony, Juan Luis Guerra or the own Miguel Gallardo.

The next few months, their appearances on television were carried out by the San Vicente de la Barquera covering these topics. Here, we remember one of those first times I saw him host this Today I feel like it, of a Miguel Gallardo, who had died just a year before.

This was the seed of a relationship immortal. The song began to form part of their shows (more than 10 years later still continues performing in some concerts), and in the year 2014 would sing it on television, this time in the hands of another of our artists, Marta Sánchez.

It was in a special christmas Eve of TVE starring the own David Bustamante. Once more, he returned to enlighten us with this song.

A song of all

Like David, many other artists have fallen rendered to this song. Alejandro Fernandez she joined her voice to that of Christina Aguilera in the year 2012 to give us a wonderful version that gave a new life to the song.

Malú also it would in the year 2007 in Rain of stars. For this performance the program joined the voice of the artist to the performance of Miguel Gallardo you could see in the background, so that it seems that together they were interpreting it at the same time.

This song has been around the world, as we can see, and, in short, it has marked the history of our music and our artists.