Amaury Nolasco returns to the prison in “Hightown”


Miami – The puerto rican actor Amaury Nolasco went from being the prisoner “kind” of “Prison Break” to become one of the most fearsome jail where it starts, “Hightown”, a series of dark which revolves around a detective’s lesbian life excessive, and a network of drug trafficking in the paradise LGBTQ in the united States.

“Yes, well, I’m back in jail. The script I fell, and I fell in love with the script’s fantastic that you created Rebecca Cutter. The character is fascinating”explained Nolasco in a virtual interview with Efe.


The actor, who between 2005 and 2017 appeared in 79 of the 90 episodes of the series “Prison Break” as Fernando Sucre, stated that the cherry on the delicious cake that was to work in “Hightown” was “the opportunity to dramatic work with one of the most renowned producers like Jerry Bruckheimer”, the creator of series such as CSI and series like “Bad Boys” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

But beyond the professional satisfaction and intellectual challenge, we note that Nolasco had a great time playing Frankie Caves, which he describes as a man “multi-faceted”, which at times doesn’t seem like a villain, but someone “misunderstood”.

“Frankie is a very charismatic, but he is a person that don’t want to make him angry. Is a guy dedicated to his family, dedicated to his son, his mistress. But above it all is your sign”explained in speaking of the villain and leader of a network of traffic of opiates.

“While Fernando was a good-natured, in love with lover, the loyal friend, the game Frankie is very different. Your business and your priority is your business. Your empire. Is someone that you do not want to cross,” he said.

The biggest challenge he found was the empathize with him, because “I didn’t want to make a villain ‘clitchoso’ of ‘oops, how bad it is'”.

That’s why he insisted on searching their humanity and turn it into a seducer, a man “who can be your best friend and then suddenly show their worst side,” he said.

The dark side of paradise

Nolasco cheers also to the cable network Starz to launch another series headed by a latina: “I love that they are concerned with developing projects that reflect how is united States today,” he said.

The story takes place in the town of Provincetown, the last islet in the chain of keys that is known as Cape Town, in the northeastern united States, on the outskirts of Boston.

It is an idyllic place of colorful houses, with fences white wood and maceteras full of flowers from spring to autumn, and cabbages of all hues in the winter. Also the zip code with more people autoidentificadas as gay of the united States.

Is the sandbox of Frankie and where he gets the detective Jackie Quiñones, played by the actress Monica Raymund, mother dominican.

The latino vote

The representation of latinos in Hollywood and their political activism are part of the priorities of Nolasco, who also is usually the first to lend his popularity to defend and help Puerto Rico, which he describes as “My island and my heart.”

There was born to dominican parents and even studied biology at the University of Puerto Rico until moving to New York opened up the appetite for the action.

Already in 1999 had settled in Los Angeles and since then has not stopped working, even as a producer, although the last project with that role has given him more work than usual, the documentary ” electoral “Ours is a Future” (our future).

“Eva Longoria and this server what we have been working for a long time, since the previous choice and we stayed for half (of the pandemic). I don’t know why, but I have faith that we can return to because it is increasingly important that latinos get out to vote”indicated with the November presidential election just around the corner in the U.S.

“A lot of people don’t realize that our vote does count and if we vote we have to listen,” he said.

The only role that he managed to complete before the confinement is that of Manny in the movie “Till Death”, starring Evangeline Lilly.

The rest of your professional future is in white, but don’t distress, because for him these weeks will be defined with the word “reflective” and is more than enough.