The women most prominent in the cinema of superheroes


The empowerment female is increasingly the focus of the film, in particular, of the genre of superheroes, which has been responsible for displaying a selection of women with a hunger for justice. Therefore, it is necessary to remember some of the heroines most important of the seventh art.

With the arrival of “Batwoman” to HBO, the new heroine Kate Kane, is in addition to the league of justicieras with other well-known productions. Each fight for their own causes, but all coin a common goal: dealing with adversity to achieve a better world. Then, a review of some of the protagonists that we are impacted by their strengths.

1. “Westworld” (Pain & Maeve)

Created and programmed as robots and confined to a theme park for the entertainment of adults millionaires, set in the wild west, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve (Thandie Newton) begins to question the nature of their reality and to develop their own consciousness, embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Each one opens the way, making its mark: while Pain seems to be consumed by the need for revenge against the humans for their cruelty, Maeve struggle to reconnect with his daughter.

2. “Watchmen” (Silk Spectre & Sister Night)

The series gave us multiple female characters who took charge of the fight against external and internal threats of the Seventh Cavalry. Both Silk Spectre (alter ego of Laurie Blake, played by Jean Smart), as Sister Night (the personality secret of Angela Abar, played by Regina King) were not afraid to face dangerous forces -and sometimes even among themselves – to save the world from its worst threat.

3. “The outsider” (Holly Gibney)

The character of the researcher, Holly Gibney (Cynthia Erivo) in the mini-series based on the Bestseller of Stephen King’s “The outsider” introduced us to a woman full of nuances that makes it more strong when confronted by the unknown, by putting in a check in an irreversible way to the system of beliefs of all their peers in the research. Their capabilities are great are able to provide something none of the other characters have: the ability to see further in the investigation of the tragic murder of a child, in front of a villain paranormal.

4. “His dark materials” (Lyra)

Lyra (Daphne Keen), the little orphan raised in an Oxford College, decides to embark on a quest that will take her to the unknown, to find her friend Roger and unmask an organization that kidnaps children. On your tour you will discover a painful truth about their parents but, above all, a special talent to read an object that no one else understands like her, which will guide them to the truth and his own destiny.