Michelle Obama – the power of the image


“Tell me how to you get dressed and I’ll tell you how to you sell yourself,” A phrase that describes the importance of the dress, not focused from the fashion or trends, but from the point of view of strategic communication.

Recently, Netflix introduced the documentary intimate of Michelle Obama, former first lady of the united States, which explores their lives, their hopes and their connection with the others in the tour of her book Becoming, translated into English, ‘My story’.

The goal of the tour is to connect, especially with young people and this is reflected in the use of the outfits chosen to make it look more accessible. For example, the accessories are super modern, the detail of the ring on the index finger and nail color. Elements of visual communication such as the release of the silhouettes that used, colour shades much more eye-catching, daring. Handling your head of hair, have been the keys to Michelle connect with all, showing that more human, more empowered and real.

Highlighting that such empathy that you have achieved is the strategic goal of winning the hearts of young people who are the future voters, we can say that it is a line of strategic communication phenomenal. Your stylist, Meredith Koop, who was the best-kept secret of Michelle, dressed her for eight years, now jump to stardom after the great job he has been doing with the image of Michelle Obama during the tour of the book Becoming.

The wife of Barack Obama recounts how, as first lady, in a moment his image was taking a greater prominence of their works, the press focused on the designs that she wore and not the work, that was what I wanted to highlight. Here we see how the image is an excellent tool of communication, because depending on the objectives, in a moment of sobriety during her role as first lady was what I needed to highlight the works, not their clothing, but now your image more eye-catching connected with your current objectives.

What is an Image Consultant?

It is the professional who is responsible for drawing the strategies to potentiate the image of an individual or collective. You need to master the topics related to the morphology, the styles are universal and the color inside of its two aspects: Colorimetry, as it connects the color with the face and which shades are harmonious for a image assertive; and the Psychology of Color, which covers the correct use of the costume, depending on the place, time, occasion and the company, in harmony and making the strategy ideal for a message of high impact.

About the author

Laura Villamán is a Consultant of Image, Mercadóloga, Image Consultant Certified (Institute Maison Aubele), Personal Stylist (BISA International), Styling (School Altos de Chavón). Creative method #PlanificaTusATuendos, AICI Member The Premier Resource for Image Professional Globally, Ambassador BISA to the Dominican Republic, professor of the school Chavon Design and creator of the platform Mix.