John Cena and WWE hide the truth and censor the new book of Nikki Bella


The new book of Nikki Bella, Incomparable, is very open and honest about his life, and a new information is revealed, it seems that she is not told everything. There will be certain things because John Cena and WWE don’t want you to do, for which they released several parts of the book and censored.

WWE and John Cena cut several parts of the book of Nikki Bella

Sunday Nights Main Event, recently interviewed Nikki Bella. Asked about the editing of the book. That was when she opened up about how much of your book had to be cut out. There was No need to edit much, but some parts were apparently too much.

“Definitely … writing it, these things passed through my mind, they did. And never had anything wrong that I would like to say about John. John and I had a beautiful relationship. What we had fights? If. Does anyone ever know about them? No. (inaudible) In general, we had a relationship very beautiful. ”

Nikki Bella also stated that he had a pair of stories drawn from his book at the request of WWE. She understands why they would want to keep some things in secret.

“I only wish I could talk more about why I ended up where I ended up. I still feel that people always ask that, and I think that is only because we put our relationship on the “reality” shows for 5 or 6 years. Then, I wanted to tell that story, but could not. “

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Nikki Bella revealed a lot in his new book. The fact that there is still more to tell … it could mean that a second book is a possibility.

What do you think that Nikki Bella had to censor your book?, leave your opinion in the comment section.

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