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Through the Youtube channel of the brewing company mexican Victory, this band, from the northern state of Nuevo León, offered to his followers a spectacle that have been prepared with excitement to be the first since the beginning of the quarantine for coronavirus.

“We were invited to this initiative and we could not refuse. It is a nice initiative because it also has as purpose to help restaurant workers. For us it is a way to get closer to our audience because we have not done anything recently and we are asking for”, explained to Efe Rene Esparza, bassist of the band.

On Sunday at 17.00 local time (22.00 GMT) will be trying to give “a break” to their followers that they have to be at home and so that they can, ” said René, “take a dance while you are protected resguardándose in your home. We want to give a moment of joy and fun”.

During the show, will touch important issues for the band and songs that they ask for their followers and will interact with viewers through the comments for that as well feel that the band is still pending from your audience.

Bronco has shown that, despite of its more than 40-year history, its members are not afraid to innovate and collaborate with artists from other genres to make mergers of banda music, of which they are one of the maximum exponents.

For his part, José Esparza, guitarist of the band, said that they are willing to do collaborations with other musicians, because their experience up to the moment with artists such as Rio, Rome, Ana Bárbada or Leo Dan have enriched his experience and never be close to that.

“We are very active and we are very happy with all the invitations. In addition, on this occasion, we are preparing new material because we want to offer to our public music 100 % unreleased, new compositions,” said Joseph.



And is that one of the keys to the Bronco is that despite having a history of albums behind them, and songs that have become anthems for several generations, have not stopped making new music, and always try to adapt to what is happening in the present.

In addition, the members of the band have been changing and now many of them are young people wanting to explore and feeling dumped on to grow more and more grouping.

“Without a doubt, Bronco, despite having nearly 40 years of history, we have a group of very rejuvenated. I’m convinced that Bronco you are missing many new stories to tell yet. We want that Bronco does not turn into a group of memories and we strive to be at the present time making new music,” said Guadalupe Esparza, the leader of the group.

Her way of working is “do not let your guard down” and strive as if they were a group that is just starting out and struggling to be released.

Only in this way, commented René, will give the young audience what they need, because despite being a group with themes iconic, it is very important for them to give to know the history of Bronco from beginning to end.

During this difficult time of quarantine, the members of the band, being family, several of them, have the “fortune” of being neighbors and being able to spend time together, meet to listen to music and compose new songs for his next album.

“We’ve been able to listen to songs and new compositions, make mock-ups and demos, and start preparing what will be our new album, although we have not been able to enter the official study. My father has also found moments of inspiration to keep writing songs and we’ve kept in contact with the public networks,” said Joseph.

This Sunday will be the first opportunity to meet with their peers Ramiro Delgado Jr, keyboardist and accordionist, and Javier Cantu, the drummer, but always keeping the health measures and in a space sanitized.

After her experience in #ChingonesUnidosPorMéxico, it is likely that you will be encouraged to do more interactions of this type for networks, but first wanted to do this concert with the highest quality possible and also want to send a message of encouragement and of caution to his followers.

“It is an obligation as public figures to convey to the people that they should not lower the guard. I believe that we are as to the half and the road is going to be long. We are obliged to follow us,” he Rene.