The times that the clan Kardashian Jenner have gone from Kardashian


The clan Kardashian Jenner it is all a case and have shown it in all this time have been the family, the more high-profile for all the moments you give us, whether good, bad, weird, fun, and anything that they do. But have certainly had moments in which we can to say that plane is shifted from Kardashian and made it clear that they are not a normal family.

Kim Kardashian cried as never by their earrings lost in the sea.

Kim Kardashian forgot North in a restaurant. Really?

Khloé went to jail and while Kim couldn’t stop taking selfies HAHAHA…

The mega amount of money who wins each one just by a tweet or a photo. Wooow.

Kris Jenner appeared in the video of Ariana Grande not as a mom to regulate, but as the mom is more cool.

The best friend of Kylie, and the husband of Khloé had a relationship. The mega scandal.

Kourtney Kardashian was going to give birth but before decided that I had to put on makeup.

Put their faces in a few t-shirts legends of the music and all of them were over.

The names of their children nothing normalalthough good, there will not be many like them :]

¡Kylie Jenner managed to hide 9 months of your pregnancy! I still believe it.

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And good, no doubt, have had many more times that you seriously have gone from Kardashian but these are the ones that I remember most, do you think that in this top?