Selena Gomez is not together with the Sorcerers most beloved Disney


LOS ANGELES (united States).- After strong rumors, the meeting of Wizards of Waverly Place finally happened. The cast appeared throughout the music video for New Hope Club, which was a love triangle that spanned the time. Fans were able to enjoy David Henrie, Jennifer Stone, Canals Barrera, Bailee Madison and David DeLuise, but without Selena Gomez.

The video also includes appearances from Maddie Ziegler, Meg Donnelly, Robyn Lively and Bart Johnson. All joined together to tell a story that began in the 1950s and ended up in a sofa in 2020, with the question, “what could it have been?” lingering in the air. “We had the story and the images represented in our heads and we are very proud to have captured on video,” says the lead singer of New Hope Club, Blake Richardson.

The band performs in different eras, paying homage to all their heroes of the music. “It was amazing, fun and different to see New Hope Club ‘through the years’ while maintaining a specific story. And it was great to work with Bailee. We knew that we could rely on her to make our vision a reality”. The actress that gave life to Maxine Russo in the youth series, he directed the clip.

“As this was the first time he ran,” added Bailee, “I wanted to share the moment with some of my friends who have supported me so much over the years.” I was so excited when some of my fellow cast of ‘Wizards’ were in the city and were to form part of it. I know since I was 11 years old, and to get back together with your encouragement and support was incredible.”

Fans of WOWP could see for the first time this meeting at the beginning of march when Maria Canals-Barrera posted a picture from behind the scenes. “Filming something totally RAD today”, subtituló the photo of her together with his co-stars, all dressed in clothes of the decade of 1980. The common phrase then was: “Where’s Selena Gomez?”

Although the video lacked Alex Russo, the immediate reaction was positive. This new release continues the momentum that the band started at the beginning of the year. They released their debut album self-titled in February and have been helping the fans to overcome the quarantine with live broadcasts full of songs of cover chosen by the fans.