It better than ‘Batman V Superman’! Rivalries that marked the Arrowverse


The series of DC on the channel The Cw are built on a base of superheroes and criminals, but there are five rivalries that marked the Arrowverse since that was the factor that moved the plot forward and created seasons convincing.

However, although some of these rivalries continue to climb the stakes and make a lot of sense, others are confusing, forced, or just don’t work for the program.

It better than ‘Batman V Superman’! Rivalries that marked the Arrowverse giphyReverse Flash and Flash

This duo has always had one of the best rivalries because of their long history together. The television program was able to adapt correctly one of the best stories of the comics. Of course, it all begins with a death important.

Reverse Flash killed the mother of Barry when he was younger, causing the series of events that lead him to become a sprinter scarlet. The two will be linked forever, and the fight has only become more bitter between them, as Thawne continued to manipulate Barry.

Supergirl and Lex

The Luthors and the Supers have a historical rivalry between themeven if the wicked turn from Lena has not much sense, the use of Lex Luthor against Supergirl was a masterpiece.

Lex has returned to the crossover of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’, which has only increased the intense rivalry between him and all the kryptonians. The battle between Supergirl and Lex was incredible to see, but each time it seems to be his last battle, he finds ways to resurface.

Green Arrow and The Dragon

Ricardo Diaz started out as a villain unimpressive, however, as the story progressed, The Dragon is revealed as a planner, a teacher, and a significant threat to Oliver Queen, both as the mayor as the Green Arrow.

Diaz quickly stripped to Oliver and the team at all and even made Felicity became incredibly paranoid. His evil plan was perfect and even the character was brought back for a season later before finally being annihilated.

It better than ‘Batman V Superman’! Rivalries that marked the Arrowverse giphy

Flash and Zoom

Another rivalry of sprinters in the list, and this became very personal very quickly. The fake Jay Garrick had become part of the Computer Flash for some time before it is revealed that in reality it was Hunter Zoloman, also known as Zoom.

Zoom sought to destroy the life of Barry, and even killed his father right in front of him. The rivalry became incredibly heated, especially when other members of the team, such as Caitlin, had been injured by Hunter.

It better than ‘Batman V Superman’! Rivalries that marked the Arrowverse giphy

Green Arrow and Dark Archer

The first great rivalry in all the Arrowverse was pretty good. Green Arrow started this universe of heroes and villains chasing the old mystery of who hides behind the mask.

In this case, was Malcolm Merlyn who was planning the destruction of the whole city along with the mother of Oliver. The story was fantastic and the hatred between the two characters was very real at all times so that is one of the best rivalries that marked the Arrowverse.