If House of Cards had a prequel teenager, it would be The Politician | the daily


In these days of so much tension, in which there appeared to be a single topic on the table, we should be grateful that there is tv fiction as a refuge. We know that when you get home after discussing for hours about the direction that will take the country in the next five years, we can throw us on the couch and think about anything else, at least for a while.

That’s why this week I took the opportunity to see The Politicianthe series of Netflix that account the electoral fight between two candidates, including the discussions between them, and the events that occurred before, during and after the elections. It escapism pure!


The program, set in the world teenager, has a foot well planted in the comedy, but flirts with dramatic situations. And is that behind him is a lord very accustomed to this class of cocktails. Before you dive into the electoral campaign of the liceo Santa Barbara, let us briefly review the tv career of Ryan Murphy.

Rescuing the creator Ryan

At the end of the last century (how strange it sounds that) came to our cable systems series Popularabout a cheerleader star and a whiney that they ended up living under the same roof, then that the father of one and mother of another is enamoraran. By then it was already the sensation of seeing something that was away from the standards of the series youth, with creative risks and ups and downs emotional, both of the main characters of the stories.

A few years later would Nip/Tuckthe series about two plastic surgeons that showed medical procedures in a very graphic way, as he recounted the life of its protagonists in the same way. Their next product would be Gleethat was the story of a choir liceal composed by a lot of rejected, which became stars of the song when they turn the spotlights and the microphone. As is the case with 99% of the comedies adolescents in argentina, there were live performances which are then projected at the cinema in the form of a film in 3D.

Later would come, among other, American Horror Story, an anthology of stories of miedito; the sitcom The New Normal, about a gay couple that lives with the woman that rented her womb; and the series Feudthat account of the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

The series of hits carried by 2018 Netflix opens its checkbook infinite and offered Murphy a contract of 300 million dollars to develop products for a period of five years. For then the streaming platform had already given the green light to two seasons of the series that unites us in this opportunity.

Payton is a son of people

Our protagonist is called Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) and has a dream. When his peers claimed that large would be astronauts, he said I would be president of the united States. Over the years this dream has not faded, but rather the opposite: the young man began to develop a plan aimed to get that fee, that includes, for example, to study at Harvard, because most of the presidents did.

Clear that this plan is composed of several parts, and the first of them is to be elected president of the students of the secondary. Something seemingly simple to this charismatic member of an affluent family, who also has the gift of the word. However, on the opposite side of the street is another charismatic young man wealthy, and verbose, which, in addition, maintains a relationship that at times, away from the platonic.

For this and many other reasons is that sometimes it will seem that we are watching a prequel House of Cardsbefore that Hobart decided to change his name to Frank Uderwood because it sounds so much more american and because F. U. are the two letters closely associated with the presidential inauguration.

Such is the proposal of a series for eight episodes, will see Payton and his team of advisors to tackle the most diverse problems. The first of these is to choose his vice-president (¡escapism pure!). To find the ideal person will take into account the conformation of the formula rival and the need to reach out to different groups, such as voters haitians… they are only a student named Pierre.

In the course of the episodes we will get to know the family of the ideal candidate, starting with mom Gwyneth Paltrow, her husband and the other two children of the couple, two twins so unpleasant it makes you want to hit the tv. On the other hand will be the ingenue Infinity (Zoey Deutch), her treacherous grandmother (huge Jessica Lange) and his boyfriend Ricardo (Benjamin Barrett).

A condiment that is very present in The Politician, who is also a very murphiano, is the naturalization of the diversity. With greater or lesser subtlety, the producer and scriptwriter has been in the process of populating their casts of actors and actresses who represent the world that can be seen through the window, even when Hollywood always run a couple of meters back.

On this occasion, one of the advisors of the campaign Payton is James, played by the actor trans Theo Germaine. Unlike what happens in 99% of cases, this fact is not mentioned as part of the plot. James is not defined by it. The hearing loss of the director of the secondary, meanwhile, is something that was mentioned at the go on the end of the season.

Ok all

I’m not sure of (wanting to) know how politics works in the real world, but at least in Santa Barbara, everything is pose. To a greater or lesser extent, all the characters pretend. From orgasms to diseases, from marriages perfect up to campaign promises. So much so, that more than once you wonder if pretending or acting honestly they are not ultimately the same thing.

This brutal reality, combined with the colors unrealistic picture of the Murphyversoform in a combo entertaining and scary, which promises a second season of new duels election and the presence of Bette Midler, that will always sum.

In this regard, a good decision on the part of the writers was that the outcome of the choice of the student out in the penultimate episode of the first batch, while the latter operates almost like a pilot of the second arc. As to leave all the spectators with the voting envelope between the teeth.