Tips of interior design ‘makeover in couple’


The couple formed by Chip and Joanna Gaines they are, without a doubt, a couple of gurus of remodeling. They, like many other enthusiasts of the change of the home within the same, have given us great moments on tv with your program Remodeling partner.

Every that what you see inspires you, we can do that. Why don’t you follow your advice of the way more easily, and without calling them? Below, we give you some tips that we learned of the couple’s most interesting and creative of the tv.

I ran by the office tonight to check out a few books from the library… I sure do miss this place!

Posted by Joanna Gaines on Tuesday, may 5, 2020

Combines details opposite

You can not imagine the kitchen full of books, right? As the couple assures us that a shelf of books decorating your sink and/or stove is the option that you need to have a space chic and modern. Placed all kinds of books: cuisine, literature, stories, or even comics.


The dining room does not always go in the inside

Sometimes, it is not necessary to have a wide table with many chairs inside the house; this will look great on a garden roof. There you can have a dining room larger and have dinner with family or friends is much more fun and original. Give it a try!


Decorate with unexpected things

Get old maps, love letters, childrens drawings… you name it. Give them a longer period of life and use them as frames. Play with them, and their dimensions, hang them on the walls, more spacious and do not follow a pattern size, go crazy a little bit. Create your own gallery wall.

I wish there was a scratch and sniff app so you could smell these beauties ✨

Posted by Joanna Gaines on Thursday, 16 April 2020

The flowers are not a cliché

Never! The detail is in the use of different forms. You can have them in water, in a box, or even plant your own. The point is that having flowers in the house is synonymous with happiness and tranquility. Do not hesitate to place them with ingenuity.


Sometimes you have to invest a little more

Unfortunately, not everything can be cheap or very simple. Always keep jan gets that any change that you want to do, it can cost more money than you have thought. But also keep in mind that if you need it for something and if it will give you more quality or functionality, it is not a bad investment.


If there are children, give them adequate space

Although your imagination is enough to create spaces that are fun, it is true that they need more places of their own. Creates a place in which to do the task, one for reading and one more to play. They they will have their own places and objects in order knowing that you are in charge of them.

Found this picture of our piano taken for #HomebodyDesignBook and I smile thinking about how many little hands have been pounding on its keys lately… music (kind of) to my ears ❤️📷: @codyulrichphoto

Posted by Joanna Gaines on Monday, march 30, 2020

Nothing is surplus. Nothing

Can you believe the rack that was from your mom or the piano, grandfather’s only cluttering in your home since they do not use them. It is not necessary to give them the use they were created to have at home. Ocúpalos as decoration, it will be a way for you to customize your home with love.