Mad Max: Furious: George Miller shares details of the prequel


Furious is the long-awaited prequel to the acclaimed Mad Max: Fury on the road George Miller we brind in the year 2015. This project seeks to offer viewers the history of the character that interpret Charlize Theronand , for this, Miller has met with actresses of the likes of Anya Taylor-Joy. The director has wanted to offer some details that revolve around the project, as well as some of the ideas that proposed to give it form.

Furious is already conceived in the mind of Miller

During an interview granted to The New York Times, George Miller has ensured that both l and its co-screenwriter Nick Lathouris in charge of write the script of Furious before that Fury on the road began even his shooting. The objective of this exercise was to provide the team and the cast, the stories developed and shaped their characters; in this case, they wanted to help Charlize Theron to know Furious: “It was purely a way of helping to Charlize and ourselves”.

However, in the case of Furious, they found their story so compelling and interesting that could not help write the screenplay itself in the middle of the preproduccin of Fury on the road. After that the negotiations between Warner Bros. and AT&T have reached a good channel, Miller is also ready to give shape to the project, reaching out to shuffle the signing of actresses such as the one mentioned Anya Taylor-Joy (Mltiple, The New Mutants) to interpret this version of ms young person of your herona.

The story of Furious them gust as much, who ended up writing the script for his film

If you do well in the interview with the New York Times did not mencin Taylor-Joy, s wanted to mention why it wants to have another actress that is not Theron: “For a long time, she thought that we could use CGI on Charlize, but I don’t think that we are close to that. Despite the valiant attempts of The irlands, I think that is still a mystery valley. All are about to solve it, in particular designers of japanese video games, but I think that there still is a valley quite wide to go.”

For the moment, the pandemic of coronavirus has not made that production can get going as usual. However, Miller is already making the preparations suitable for the project copper form. On the other hand, the new film from Mad Max and also will be ready to immerse yourself in your shoot.

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