Mad Max 5 will be the long-awaited prequel of Imperator Furious


In 2015, George Miller brought back their franchise more dear: Mad Max. After many years of silence, the saga was returning from the hand of Tom Hardywhich replaced the veteran Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury road. The movie became a success among the critics and the public, especially in regard to the character of Imperator Furious, who was played by Charlize Theron. The fans were not slow to lay claim to a prequel about the character.

In an interview with The New Yor Times, George Miller has finally confirmed that Mad Max 5 it will focus on the last of the Imperator Furious, so the movie in if it will be a prequel to Mad Max: Fury road.

However, not all the news is good. Despite of its tremendous role as the Imperator Furious in the movie of 2015, Charlize Theron not embodying the character in the prequel. George Miller has wanted to give explanations in this respect.

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In the interview, Miller explains that, initially, the plans were to rejuvenate digitally Charlize Theron by means of CGI. However, after seeing the results of The Irish and their technology of rejuvenation, they have rejected that option when you consider that the technology is not yet at the desired level. With this picture, the clues point to that will be Anya Taylor-Joy who portray the younger version of Imperator Furious in Mad Max 5.

What Habríais preferred to see Charlize Theron rejuvenated despite the fact that the technology is not yet at the height of the expectations of George Miller? What are you hoping to see in this prequel Mad Max: Fury road?