George Miller provides more details on the prequel of Angry


It will be much bigger than Rage on the Road.

The last thing we knew of the possible prequel of the Furious, the actress who became an icon after its appearance in Mad Max: Fury on the Roadis that George Miller is looking for a younger actress to interpret and that Anya Taylor Joy was in talks to join the project.

In an interview to The New York Timesthe director revealed that the film script was written before the shooting of Fury in the Waysince the pre-production lasted more than a decade, Miller and his co writer Nick Lathouris created stories for all the characters, even the smaller ones, however, it was Furious who caught his attention and that history whose purpose was to help Charlize Theron to understand the character, slowly turning in a script as such. Even the actress Rosie Huntintong Whiteley he said that he read that script and thought it was great, but wondered if any day would do.

It seems that that day is getting closer, as Warner Bros. he has been given the green light to Miller to begin the project, but don’t get excited about more, in reality, that day is near, but not as much as before the pandemic, Miller was about to start filming Three Thousand Years of Longing, a drama with Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton:

“After we finish and everything is quiet with the pandemic, we will see what the world allows us to do with Furious.”

By now the auditions for the main role has begun and the Miller ensures that no matter who it is, you have to fill the shoes of Theron. But if you are asking because the actress will not return to reinterpret the character, Miller explains that once contemplated the idea of making rejuvenation digital, however, after seeing The Irish of Martin Scorsese, he realized that it is a technology that still needs to perfect and that’s why he gave up.

Though Theron will not return. other members of the team if you will be a part of this project, as the designer of production Colin Gibson, who won the Oscar for her work in Fury in the Waysaid that for that tape were built, 135 vehicles, to Furious plan to do more. The director of photography John Seale, who was nominated, but not won the Oscar, was removed after the filming of Fury on the Road, but he promised Miller that for other filmmakers, would be withdrawn, for him, is available, so that seven years later, adds to the project.

For a long time we have waited for to see who has most George Miller to offer of the universe of Mad Maxso you have to be patient, because what that tells us is quite promising and with someone as determined as Miller, surely it will be worth the wait.