Frozen 2: Evan Rachel Wood, thinks about the alleged homosexuality of Elsa and other Disney characters


Since the first movie of Frozen: An Adventure Frozen – 89%, in 2013, the public was surprised because even though it is a tape of Disney princesses, is not similar to the other of the company, it does not put so much emphasis on romantic love and on the appearance of a prince that saves the damsel in distress. On the contrary, princess Ana and queen Elsa must learn to control their fears and together you will know the importance of brotherly love.

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However, since that first film, specialists and fans talked about the possibility that the study presented at its first main character is openly homosexual, in the case of Elsa, but with the premiere of the second movie this was ruled out. Recently, actress Evan Rachel Wood, who lends his voice to the Queen Iduna, mother of Anna and Elsa, spoke with Variety on the possibility that one day Disney will have a protagonist of LGBT.

Frozen 2 – 80% explains why the powers of Elsa going as well to the characters in a new adventure that involves new land far away from Arendelle. The queen, along with his sister, Ana, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven will undertake a dangerous journey and unforgettable. In the first installment, Elsa was afraid that her powers were too much for the world. In this new story you want it to be enough.

For Evan Rachel Wood be part of the team of Frozen has been a pleasant experience because it allowed him to have one of the best moments at the side of his son, with whom I was to see this second installment and who recognized his voice behind the Queen Iduna. The actress also told Variety she is a dream to be part of a Disney movie, because they grew up with the tapes of the company.

Wood also talked about how that has impacted most of the tape and is, according to her, that not only focuses on one type of love, brotherly or family, but that has a lot to do with self-love, something that is not explored often.

… is a different kind of love, not only the love between the family, the sisters and that bond, but the self-love and when I saw it I felt so identified with Elsa in a way that sometimes, what she most fears is himself and as there really is not a villain in Frozen 2, the villain, rather we are a certain way and I think a lot of people feel identified with these feelings, feel strange, feel that you are not part of any side, but resilience is something that is always present in these films.

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Similarly, the actress, who admitted to be bisexual, he spoke about the possibility that in the future Disney make an animated movie with a main character LGBT.

You know, I’m still not convinced that we have not already made with Mulan and Hercules. Sincerely, Mulan is still in debate. I think there is a little bit of energy bisexual there. But I don’t know, it will be some day. I say this is a great sector of their fans, are missing out on a golden opportunity.

On the other hand, the writer and creative director of Walt Disney Animation Studios, Jennifer Lee do not discard the possibility that a protagonist LGBTQ + is within the plans of study.

There are No limits to the characters we can have.

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