Elizabeth Cervantes, the teenager Latin of Chicago whose story captivates Michelle Obama | Univision Chicago WGBO


When Elizabeth Cervantes, a 19-year-old, attending the secondary school in 2019, distributing their time between classes, homework and a job that served to bring food to the table for your family.

For this young man of mexican origin, their routine was ordinary when compared with the achievements scoring other friends from high school Whitney M. Young Magnetin the neighborhood of Near West Side in Chicagoas the chair of a school club or obtain a good performance in exams of academic aptitude.

However, when the former prime Michelle Obama met Cervantes in 2018 by visiting his old high school to promote his book, the story of the young man caught his attention.

A year later, Cervantes participated in the recording of the documentary “ The Becoming”, which tells the story of former prime lady, and who has recently been released on Netflix.

The documentary shows to Cervantes telling a group of young people, sitting in a circle along with Obama, who is not sure of why he was chosen to meet with former prime lady.

“Literally, I come to the school. I do what I do, and then I have to stay at a club, and that is Latin America. And then I go, and then I go to work, ” said Cervantes.

Then replied to the question of why he worked. “My dad had an accident. Does not work as before ..And also because I have three little brothers and everything I do, I do it for them. Work and I them I have food,” he said.

Obama interrupted the young woman and tells her that “what seems so ordinary and what is not seems to be nothing for you is your power.”

Cervantes is the first member of his family to graduate from high school. In an interview with Univision Chicago, the young man was still working to help his family during the crisis coronavirus and that it hopes to resume his studies in the future to become a preschool teacher.

“That other girls also to see this and feel inspired. When I was growing up I was not looking so much latino representation on television and for me to be part of something that is global, it is very important to me,” said Cervantes, Univision Chicago.

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