Who is behind the extravagant nail hanging of Elle Fanning at the Met gala


The outfits of the invited to the Met gala grabbed all the attention at a pink carpet that was filled with eccentricities and looks impossible combined with headdresses and hairstyles of the most eye-catching. One of the actresses that caused a sensation was Elle Fanning, which is pulled on an outfit as if it were a Barbie of the 70’s.

The interpreter understood perfectly the aesthetics Camp with a set in coral-colored Miu Miu, signature of which is an image. A look composed of a ‘cropped top’ and some cuffed jeans worn with a ponytail XXL and with a manicure which has not left indifferent by its originality.

The actress was surprised with various ornaments hanging directly from your nails. Among the elements you could see a minipasta of teeth, a fried potato, a can of soda, the label of the Italian company or a chewing gum. A few details which combined perfectly with their nails, also in salmon colour, as the styling.

The responsible of this eye-catching manicure was Sea and Soulthat also took care of the nails of other guests like Candice Swanepoel. The manicurist of the stars made It shine with your hands and pose fun on the pink carpet. What is not so clear is how the young man could eat and drink or go to the bathroom during the party, since it did not seem a manicure very comfortable.