Michelle Obama | Barack Obama | Ellen DeGeneres | : this is how to take advantage of the quarantine of a positive Trend


Michelle Obama is in Washington DC, in your house together with Barack Obama and their daughters Malia and Sasha. She has taken advantage of positively confining social due to the sanitary contingency caused by the coronavirus.

In a telephone interview with Ellen DeGeneres last month of march, the former first lady of the united States said that she and her family were trying to keep a routine entertaining.

“All are in the house. The girls are back, because the universities provide classes online. So they are in their respective rooms, taking their classes and I think that Barack is, I don’t know where it is. I was talking on the phone in a conference call,” he said on that occasion.

In the month of April, Michelle began to do readings of children’s books and according to the publishing house that promotes, Penguin Random House, these will continue until the end of may.

“I am delighted to share some of my books are children’s favorites and give them the opportunity to practice their reading”, can be read in a post by Instagram.