Elle Fanning, the new muse | Style


In The Neon Demon, Elle Fanning gives life to a model of 16 years who travels to Los Angeles to try his luck. Upon arrival, your youth and beauty is the envy of all the mannequins veterans. These misgivings awakened in his character, a darkness that has nothing to do with the roles that up to now had played or with his true personality: that of a “teenager happy”, as she herself was defined at the premiere of the film last may at the Cannes film Festival.

“Everyone has a good side and a bad one, and it was fun to explore that naughty side,” he explained. In addition, as it was filmed chronologically, she was able to “check how I was becoming a total narcissist”. Something that Elle Fanning is not recognized, despite working in Hollywood non-stop since she was 2 years old when filming I am Sam (2002) needed someone to play the smaller version of her older sister, Dakota Fanning.

Dakota was the one who opened the way, who wanted to be an actress and made the family move from their native Georgia to Los Angeles when he began to get jobs. It was then that Elle Fanning began to follow her through all of these shootings, “a world of dreams,” in which it has grown. Something that encouraged her, “because it was the most logical thing”, to follow in the footsteps of his sister, who says that non-competes. “She doesn’t read my scripts or I read yours, but we do see our movies once finished,” he says.


“I think that nothing has happened bad because I started to receive education at home, but after I asked my mom to take me to a normal school, and I was able to do all the normal things, I had friends my age and was not surrounded by adults all the time”, explains in a recent interview in the Vogue british. Throughout his teenage years he has combined that normal life with roles in adult movies. In Somewherethe film of Sofia Coppola that catapulted him, he was only 11 years old and lost his last milk tooth when I was traveling to Venice to collect the grand prize. If you have lost things of a “teen normal” no regrets because he knows his future is in the film and, therefore, all that he has done has been worth it.

Also combined the outputs with friends on the red carpet that you love. He attended his first gala for the Met with 13 years and since then it is a regular. Has always loved clothes, dressing up and grooming. Took her mother shopping vintage that dared with parts impossible, that is why it is a favourite for the designers and for the press: for your courage in choosing clothes, always surprising, but at the same time is faithful to the same line, something ethereal, almost of a princess of your own age. Valentino and Elie Saab are their designers favorite. And your inspirations are Marilyn Monroe, with whom he is obsessed, to Grace Kelly, now that is more adult.

The sexual arousal

Although all the directors with whom he has worked have been described to be very mature for your age, The Neon Demon it is, in fact, its role in more adult to date. And opens when she has just turned 18 years old and has finished the institute, which will leave you more time to shoot or promote the ten films that have been announced, again with Sofia Coppola or Ben Affleck, for example. The film’s director DriveNicolas Winding Refn, is, in addition, her sexual awakening on screen, with which you feel comfortable. “My mother spent all day at the shoot and I didn’t do it because it’s sexy, but because it is fundamental to the character,” he explains.

Her mother also accompanied her to the Cannes film Festival, where the film sparked reactions very opposite: applause and insults. But while this was the case in the projection to press, Elle was with their manager in the gala amfAR, moving with her princess dress in the same world of beauty, luxury, and envy, which depicts the tape. “It was like being inside the movie, you could see everyone looked at Elle and wanted to be her,” says the director. “But she didn’t want to be them.”

The queen of glitter

The Neon Demon it is the first role of adult and sex of Elle Fanning, but also the one that has inspired him to give back to his dressing room very visible in his recent public appearances promoting the film. As her character, the actress has started to risk more with dresses and makeup more glam. “After the movie, I took her for the first time makeup glitter to the parade of Saint Laurent in Los Angeles. It’s funny because the character has been a little with me”, said recently the actress. Something that has been repeated since then, until put out of fashion the tears of glitter.