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The music career of Christina Aguilera, after his first steps in the Mickey Mouse Club and its role in the soundtrack of ‘Mulan’, took off so blazing with their debut album of the same name, which included topics such as ‘Genie in a bottle’, ‘What a girl wants’, ‘I turn to you’ and ‘come on over baby (All I want is you)’, a record that this Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of its release.

Arising out of the same quarry of television that gave birth to talents like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, Aguilera, barely 18 years, I was astounded all and sundry with their prodigious vocal chords in ‘Reflection’, the theme that he recorded for ‘Mulan’ and that became quickly in the next at-promise youth in the music industry, american, fervent to continue the fever unleashed by Britney Spears.

The artist, voice immaculate and penetrating blue eyes, he found his professional home at RCA Records, they immediately went to work to prepare a disk to the height of the expectations with the help of producers like Diane Warren or Robin Thicke.

And although the young man saw dashed their hopes of creating a work purely R&B, gave his arm to bend towards a pop sound fresher and more accessible for the young audience.

‘Genie in a bottle’ was the superb and catchy letter of introduction of the new ‘It girl’, converted from evening to morning in the new princess of american pop, thanks to its almost constant presence in the chain MTV.

With its appearance of a blonde girl, sweet and innocent, though not devoid of a point playful (“my body says go, my heart says not to speak”), Aguilera sang from the beaches of Malibu in the music video, and invited, in June of 99to spend the nights around campfires and watching the sunrise with those who were “properly”.

The topic, which was number one in EE. UU. for five weeks in a row, was the second single most sold of the year, only behind ‘Believe’, Cher, and originated to a Spanish-language version, ‘Genius trapped’, which received a nomination for a Latin Grammy.

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Christina Aguilera has accumulated several hits in his career.

His second single was ‘What a girl wants’, which also entered at number one and showed that he could address an audience more urban, without losing the angelic aspect and not one iota of that personality innocent and adorable that he had created his record label.

Later it would be the turn to ‘I turn to you’, a traditional ballad that the critics began to compare his voice to that of Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey.

The final single from the album was ‘come on over (All I want is you)’, another number one with a song more danceable, and with elements that are closest to what would be their trajectory later, including nods to the rap and hip hop.

The album, which has sold more than 14 million units around the world, assigned him to Aguilera the Grammy best new artist, in tough battle with Spears, a pulse, between both divas remained for several more years, at least until the new york-based origin ecuadorian shattered his image of the nice girl with the release of ‘Dirrty’ (2002).

By then he had already published two other disks in between: the LP ‘My reflection’, entirely in Spanish, and the collection of holiday tunes ‘My kind of Christmas’.
And even if the future awaiting other hits with songs like “Beautiful” or “Ain’t no other man”, his star never shined more during that summer two decades ago.