Camila Mendes unveils a new look of hair


The style of hair Camila Mendes it is characterized by its bright and long black hair, in the style of his character in RiverdaleVeronica Lodge. But, Camila was surprised with a new look and shared a photo via Instagram. Do you like how it looks?

Camila Mendes cut off her long locks into a new cut style bob long, but also completely amazed by using a new shade of hair colour chocolate. It looks amazing!

Through Instagram Stories, Camila Mendes he shared the photo of her new look by typing “7 hours after”, which perhaps is the time that it took to get to clarify your black hair a brunette chocolate color.

Camila posed with the specialist in color Matt Rez and to the stylist Buddy Porter for this photo, who were in charge of bringing back the tone of hair Camila Mendes the light brown, after using black dye for playing Veronica Lodge in Riverdale.

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The stylist Camila she also shared a photo of the new look of the actress through Instagram, in which he revealed that he had worked in the salon until the middle of the night, but all worth it to be in good company. Awww!