To the chagrin of Milla Jovovich with the reboot of ‘Resident Evil’


To Milla Jovovich didn’t like anything the idea of doing a reboot of the saga Resident Evil, supposedly in February, had its end with Resident Evil: final chapter.

The actress, who has starred in each of the six deliveries, was consulted about this announcement that he made at the Cannes film Festival, Martin Moszkowicz, director of Constantin Film, which has the rights of the original title from Capcom.

“What they have announced a reboot?”, said surprised Jovovich consulted by ComicBook, adding: “good luck with that”.

More extensive, Jovovich questioned the desire behind doing a reboot of the sagaas notes a goal to make more money than to respect what the fans really want.

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“In this type of franchising many people begin the house by the roof, and has its risk. Carry wanting to make a reboot of ‘Resident Evil’ a very long time and I love ‘Resident Evil’, I think that it is an intellectual property great and I probably would if it were producing. But I think that what made that ‘Resident Evil’ was so special is that the people involved truly loved what they were doing and they were fans of the game,” he said.

“I would advise them that they should seek people with such a passion before I talk about reboots. If you get into this genre you will notice that people are very sensitive to the fake copies. The fans are not idiots, they can smell when something is being done because they love the content or when you are doing to make a profit,” he said.

Until now the reboot is in the initial period, but it already has a director chosen: James Wan, after The Spell and currently in Aquaman.