To 25 years, the origin of Adal Ramones and “Another Roll” started in Puebla


Adal Ramones was delighted when he first saw the work of comedian american Johnny Carson.

There, as I discovered the way they interact with the public and make it laugh with your monologue it was that emerged that first spark to create what would be “Another Roll”.

The program of the mexican television was one of the most successful in the decades of 90 and 2000, and the space in which artists of international stature appeared to promote any film or disk, and to participate in any of the skits characteristic.

International celebrities of the time such as Britney Spears, Backstreet boys, Christina Aguilera, Sylvester Stallone and Robbie Williams as well as national and Alejandra Guzman and up Luis Miguel they were interviewed in the program.


But its history began with a group of young and unknown on the 13th of may 1995, 25 years ago, when the project of Adal, Yordi Rosado and Lalo Suárez it was accepted by a cable channel in Puebla and the trio ventured to fulfill his dream.

Each week, they traveled to Puebla in order to make the program aired on a weekly basis.

“In the way we wrote the monologue and lasted 10 minutes at the very most. Lalo says no, but he said that what we were doing monologue,” recalled Adal in a special interview carried out in Another Roll for years, and it is available in the platform YouTube.

Time after you would Mauritius Castillor to be added to the alignment and to help in the sketches.

As you recall from the material available on YouTube was Aleks Syntek his first guest star in Puebla, and also received famous artists such as Café Tacvba.

After a few years in that channel and to the success of the program moved to television in may of 1999 as the show’s stellar night of the Channel 5 of Televisa.


“Do you want to monologue?”, became the phrase of Adal with which virtually opened the show and just 10 minutes that could last in the beginning, the monologue came to have up to almost 40 minutes where Adal spoke of subjects as diverse as love, family, horror movies, etc

With 12 years to air the show-ended transmissions in 2007 – and had a diverse cast, some of whom remained for more years and others which were renovating highlighting in addition to Adal, Yordi and Mauritius names like Lalo Spain, Roxana Castellanos, Gaby Platas and Consuelo Duval.

Among his best sketches, and highlights worthy of remembering on the 25th anniversary of its premiere was the parody of the Backstreet boys with The Vazquez Boys, The annual run of botargas, The pesera del amor, the Great Flesh -a parody of the reality show Big brother.