Propose to Elle Fanning as the new Catwoman for The Batman


There are still a couple of years to come to light. The Batmanthe new film Robert Pattinson, directed by Matt Reeves. But despite that lack enough, the rumors and possible actors part of the cast do not cease to arise. On this occasion it has been the turn of Elle Fanning, who has been nominated to become the new Catwoman.

Elle Falling new Catwoman The Batman

This came about thanks to Michelle Pfeiffer, who in the recent red carpet of Maleficent gave the magazine Variety a brief interview. In she was asked who she would like to see playing the character for more than 25 years ago, she embodied; Catwoman. Before that, the well-known actress replied that Elle Fanning it would be a great option.

“Surely you will find someone great… She would be amazing”

So, with the approval of Michelle Pfeiffer, Elle Fanning now part of the race to join the cast of The Batman. However, this last at the end could not be fulfilled, considering that, a couple of weeks ago it was reported that Elle could be the number one option to become Supergirl.

The actress of 21 years of age may give life to Kara Danvers in a movie lone DC Comics you may be preparing.

Elle Fanning new Catwoman The Batman

On the other hand, Michelle Pfeiffer also said to be really interested in returning to his role as The Wasp in Ant-Man. Character that introduced to the Movie Universe of Marvel; but that, to date, has not been reported whether there will be a third movie or will happen with those characters within the UCM.