Lily Collins comes back very thin, and reveals that she suffered eating disorders | TV Show


Lily Collins has begun to make a name within Hollywood, in fact, has been nominated for several awards for his work in Rules Don’t Apply where it was under the direction of Warren Beatty.

In recent days, he has been hogging the attention in the independent film festival of Sundance, where is presenting To The Bone tape where he plays a a young woman with anorexia that he had to lose several pounds to give with the image of the character.

Keanu Reeves tit is also part of the cast that will integrate the movie directed by the director Marti Noxon, who wrote the story based on his own fight against anorexia.


It was precisely during the promotion of the film, which Collins took to reveal that she, too, was a victim of eating disorders when I was younger. The artist of 27 years pointed out that this help to understand more of his character. “This was definitely a role much more dramatic for me, because I also suffered from eating problems when I was a teenager“ drew IMDb Studio.

“I wrote a book last year and I wrote a chapter about my experience a week before you receive the script from Marti, and it was like the universe put all those things in my sphere to help me to face a fear that I had,” he added.


On his infamous low weight, the actress said that the film brought her emotionally to a painful place in your life, “but in a safe and healthy way -along with a nutritionist-“. “It required a different set of emotional abilities, to go back in time and relive my experiences“, he explained.

Recall that the daughter of Phil Collins, has spent several years working on films that have achieved moderate commercial success as Mirror Mirror, Love, Rosie, and Hunter of shadows.

How to recognize a box of anorexia nervosa?

It is very difficult for a person who suffers from anorexia recognize that suffers from it. They are usually family members and/or friends who realize the profound physical and emotional changes that lead them to seek help. The most common symptoms to recognize anorexia are:

1) Mood-depressed: A person with anorexia will most of the time an air of melancholy, sad, or irritable.

2) social Withdrawal: When you feel inferior and overweight, people with anorexia tend to hide from the rest. Leave their friends and family for the dissatisfaction you feel about your own body.

3) to Avoid family meals: Commonly do not participate in family meals. It is usual that they are those who cook and prepare the food of others in the home, but hardly they will be eating.

4) intense Exercise: Can occupy many hours in the gym or doing other physical activities to increase your energy expenditure.

Other important symptoms, but not so obvious are: intolerance to cold, the use of large amounts of clothing to hide their thinness, abdominal pain, a consequence of the low food intake, dryness of the skin, insomnia and constipation.