Disney will launch live action Hercules 1997


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The version live action of the animated film Hercules, made in 1997, is in the process; Disney works at it in the midst of the celebrations of the April 30 (Day of the Child), is so that the producers of Avengers announced the project, as confirmed The Hollywood Reporter, which is a magazine of united States specializing in the film industry.

Joe and Anthony Russo will be the producers in charge of making Hercules a hero in live action, as they did with the tapes Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers Endgame; while Dave Callahan, writer of Wonder Woman and indestructible, it will be whoever is in charge of the papers.

The 1997 film was made after several years, to make the story of the Greek mythology of Heracles was needed to 18 writers, in addition to the directors Jon Musker and Ron Clements.

The brothers Russo will produce the new film, which did not give details of who will be the protagonists, although it is rumored among fans that it might be the singer Ariana Grande as Megara; of Hercules has not been mentioned.


A couple of weeks ago, Ariana Grande was in a performance entitled The Disney Family Singalong singing “I wont say Im in love”, it was there that the followers of the ran as the new Megara in org.com.

In social networks, mentioned to Sam Clafin and Lily Collins, but nothing is for sure, since according to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has not taken any decision.