Christina Aguilera acknowledges that he wept with one of the speeches of the Emmy-2019 | Film and Television


The latest edition of the Emmy Awards he has left us many great moments. Okay, almost everyone speaks of Game of Thrones and his farewell in this event that has given you so much recognition, but there was more, much more.

Another of the big protagonists of the night was Michelle Williams. Took the award for best actress in a mini series for her role in Fosse/Verdon and when he came to pick it up gave one of the speeches more winners of the night which focused on asking for a wage equality.

She knows well of what he speaks. In 2017, when he worked in All the money in the worldhis companion Kevin Spacey he was dismissed after the beginning of the shoot and had to rewrite some scenes. At that time it was learned that Mark Whalberg had taken an amount substantially higher than her for having to repeat that work. Came to light quantities and, finally, Whalberg donated the money that he collected to support Williams in his claim of an equal pay.

So yes, his speech of the Emmy 2019 had credibility because he has suffered in the first person. And excited many people, for example, to Christina Aguilera it has been recognized that “I cried watching this”.

“Very well said, Michelle Williams. The truth was very necessary for women and our struggle for, in general, are to be taken seriously”, he wrote in the networks before moving on to tell his personal case.

“After working all my life since I was a child and into adulthood, and as a feminist, this speech impacted me deeply” admitted, “to be heard, appreciated, and supported by the work environment around you is of vital importance.”

“I’ve had to grow up as a girl young and impressionable in this business, to then understand how to be an adult and still have to fight hard for equality in a world of double standards: you say sit down, aguántate and shut up, just ‘settle’ with something less than what you deserve, I never sat well” he recounted on his own experience.

He confessed that he had to take action in the matter. “That is why I made some decisions to finally get away from certain work environments and continue to fight for my own truth and encourage others to fight for them,” he concluded, before returning to applaud the words of the actress, “oh, well done Michelle! ❤ ️ 🙏 🏼 Thank you for expressing yourself like you did last night, in honor of so many that need to hear it! ¡¡Past, present, future!!!! A speech that I will put my daughter to inspire”.

Demi Lovato it is one of those who has applauded these words of Aguilera: “I identify with this. Thank you for publish it and write what you did”.