10 terrible sequels to movies that don’t want to see again


There are the movies bad and then there are these titles that many would prefer to forget forever.

1. Return to the Blue lagoon (1991)

Directed by William A. Graham and a very young Milla Jovovich as the protagonist, intended to

'Return to the Blue lagoon' (1991)

‘Return to the Blue lagoon’ (1991)

endure to the level of its predecessor, The Blue Lake. The story is the same: two children who come to an island paradise in the South Pacific and have to survive. Perhaps this repetition is unnecessary, charged by some with religious connotations, which makes the film to be a real fiasco for the critique.

2. This guy is a demon 2 (1991)

'This guy is a demon 2' (1991)

‘This guy is a demon 2’ (1991)

Same protagonists, worst-case scenario. The second part of This boy is a demon focuses on how Ben, the father of Junior, tries to find a new mother for the boy. On your way you will cross Trixie, the female version of Junior, in a tape full of clichés.

3. The son of the mask (2005)

'The son of the mask' (2005)

‘The son of the mask’ (2005)

The sequel of The Mask (1994) is so depressing that few critics dared to pour an opinion. Account of the life of an aspiring cartoonist whose son is born with the powers of The Maskalthough without the fun that characterized the original Jim Carrey. Now, every film has an audience, and the tape managed to raise sixty million dollars. It is also made with no less than eight nominations at the Razzie.

4. American Psycho 2 (2002)

'American Psycho 2' (2002)

‘American Psycho 2’ (2002)

Mila Kunis starred in the sequel of the great American Psyscho (2000), although without too much success. What is more, in the beginning, the film was conceived as independent of the original, but then altered the script to include to Patrick Bateman. The main character (Kunis) is a girl who at the age of 12 knows Bateman, and that when the university becomes a murderer in series that ends with the life of all those who stand between her and success. The film has positioned itself as one of the worst continuations of the story, due to a script that has not been able to tell with accuracy a story whose plot was deplorable to critique.

5. The exorcist 2: the heretic (1977)

'The exorcist 2: the heretic' (1977)

‘The exorcist 2: the heretic’ (1977)

The film is set four years after The exorcist, and focuses on a young girl of 17 years of age, Regan MacNeil, who is still recovering from her demonic possession suffered previously. The film was battered by audiences and critics at the time of its release in 1977 because of its script and, especially, by their remoteness from the narrative and visual style of the first delivery. Since then, it has become a cult film, favorite great of cinema as Martin Scorsese.

6. Shark: The revenge (1987)

'Jaws 2' (1987)

‘Jaws 2’ (1987)

Four years have passed since the great white shark aterrorizara to the small coastal town of Amity, police chief Brody remains concerned. However, the mayor does not doubt in putting in place several projects to attract new tourism. Two divers explore the area where had appeared the dangerous animal and are eaten. As is logical, their demise warning to Brody, who begins to get nervous about the arrival of both a tourist. With this premise, nothing should have gone wrong, but the predictability of the story made that failed miserably.

7. Batman and Robin (1997)

'Batman and Robin' (1997)

‘Batman and Robin’ (1997)

Perhaps the most overlooked of all that has been published on Batmanand with good reason: Batman and Robin is perhaps one of the worst movies of recent history, and it is said that he managed to ‘kill’ the masked hero, as no one dared to go back to work with the character until 2005. The protagonists of the first row (of the time) that were not the size (sorry, George Clooney), suits impossible, and a script that was of the worst. Better to forget it forever.

8. Species II (1998)

'Species II' (1998)

‘Species II’ (1998)

When astronaut Patrick Ross returns from the first trip manned to Mars, a mission in which its crew returned to the Earth converted in heroes, he discovers that there was infected with the DNA of an alien species. . What could go wrong? All; and according to the critics, you can only qualify with one word: Unfortunate.

9. Scary Movie 5 (2013)

'Scary Movie 5' (2013)

‘Scary Movie 5’ (2013)

It is so bad that there is no where to pick it up. Final installment of a saga promising until the brothers Wayans decided to leave it to time, you try to parody hits such as Paranormal Activity, Black Swan or Dawn of the planet of the apes. However, if something can go wrong, will go wrong, and the critics massacred. To make matters worse, their protagonists are Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, before any of the two hit bottom.

10. Home alone 3 (1997)

'Home alone 3' (1997)

‘Home alone 3’ (1997)

It was all going to go wrong taking into account that they do not have Macaulay Culkin as the protagonist, but in Hollywood as well and decided to go ahead with the project of a third movie of the saga Home alone. On this occasion, the plot tells how four spies, high-tech industrial steal a microchip ultra-secret and safely hide it in a toy car remote control. Because of a confusion of baggage in the airport, an elderly woman picks up the toy and offered it as a gift to his neighbor of eight years. The spies will want to recover the valuable chip at all costs, but the child is prepared to give them a warm welcome. It was nominated for the Razzie as worst sequel, and with all of the law. Not the saves or the poor Scarlett Johansson, who also appears in the film as a child.