Victoria Justice will star in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’


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The actors are american Victoria Justice and Ryan McCartan estelarizarán the new version of the tape ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, which is directed by australian Jim Sharman in 1975 and that in turn was based on the musical namesake of Richard o’brien.

The ‘remake’ will be made by the company Fox and is scheduled to premiere on television in fall of 2016, according to the portal of Variety Latino.

These actors will bring to life the roles of ‘Janet’ and ‘Brad’, a couple that engages in a situation as bizarre after you get to know the character of “Dr. Frank-N-Furter”, which will be done by actress Laverne Fox.

“Excited to work with the guys at @RockyHorrorFox this fall,” said Justice in his Twitter account, according to the web site.

While McCartan said he was excited to do the role of ‘Brad Majors’ in this project, the side of Justice.

It is worth mentioning that actors Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwich who interpreted the leading roles in the feature film original, which is considered a classic in the cinema.