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Barack and Michelle Obama choose the area, Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, as one of their favourite holiday destinations for several years. Now, the marriage that one day he resided in the White House has decided to stop renting and buy a farm on the island as a second residence of almost 12 hectares with a house of 640 square feet. Although I still have not closed the operation, according to published TMZthe price would add up to 13.5 million euros.

The land and the mansion, whose current owner is the co-owner of the NBA team Boston Celtics Wycliffe Grousbeck, has a living room with vaulted ceilings and a stone fireplace, a professional kitchen with all the amenities and a formal dining room with large windows, as reported by the real estate agent to the journal New York Postthat highlights the decor is simple and contemporary. The obamas are staying in the main bedroom, decorated in shades of white and a mansard roof, which also has a fireplace and a private terrace. In addition, the mansion has a swimming pool on the terrace which features a third fireplace. Although the couple could also enjoy the private beach, located a few meters.

The main bedroom of the house in Martha's Vineyard.

The main bedroom of the house in Martha’s Vineyard.

But “it is not yet signed the contract”, has tempered the portal american TMZ. Grousbeck initially put the property up for sale in 2015 by more than 20 million euros. However, the former president of the united States and the former prime lady, apparently, abonarían something less for the estate. In 2017, when Obama returned to private life paid more than seven million euros for a house of nine rooms in the neighborhood of Kalorama in Washington, D. C. despite the high level of life that shows the family, its popularity has not been diminished, a fact which in other cases has led to rejection. They are discrete, they have not made mistakes —at least that have come to light in public, they maintain their prestige and are not associated with causes in which they do not believe. And, as other couples who were in the same place, you know to monetize your reputation.

The latest and luxurious vacation in Europe of marriage and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, as well as have shown. It does not matter that in his tour european, after that your youngest daughter will complete her last course of institute before entering the university, have been hosted in the luxurious mansions that had led to criticism if they were other. In one case it was a visit to the house that George and Amal Clooney have in the lake como (north of Italy). In addition to go as guests of a couple who wakes up sympathies for his social activism, are doing so to support a charity event, and correspond in this way to the multiple times in which Clooney responded to by their initiatives during the eight years in which they occupied the presidency of the united States.

The swimming pool of the farm in Martha's Vineyard.

The swimming pool of the farm in Martha’s Vineyard.

Barack Obama receives a pension as a former president of the nearly 180,000 euros annually, but this income is the lesser of their earnings if you take into account that for every one of his interventions as a lecturer receives around 350,000 euros. But the family economy does not lie only on your shoulders. His wife Michelle has managed to generate also income millionaires. My storythe autobiography that launched in November 2018, it has become the book of memories sold more than history —more than ten million copies, according to data provided by the publisher Penguin Random House— and during the promotional events of the book, the public treated it as if it were a rock star.

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