OMG! Sia made into a film starring Maddie Ziegler


Get ready…

Big Girls Cry it is not the last collaboration we’ll see between Maddie Ziegler and Sia. The star of Dance Moms it has been made famous by helping to Sia in various appearances and projects, as well as in the famous video clip: Chandellier, Elastic Heart and Big Girls Cry. Now, Sia will write and direct a film starring Maddie.

VIDEO > a Look at the 6 dance routines more impressive Maddie Ziegler.

We know little of the short film, only that it will take for title Sister. What we can tell you is that it is based on a story I wrote Sia eight years ago.

According to The Hollywood ReporterSia said during the Venice film Festival: “I felt ashamed of telling people that I wanted to do a movie because I thought that it would be seen as a project of vanity because I am a singer. And last year I did the video Chandelier and I realized that it was good directing, so I felt a little more brave.”

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Other than that, we don’t know much. But surely it will be fabulous.

Let’s review some things that we will surely see in the new movie.

  1. Original dance moves. This girl certainly knows how to dance, in fact, Sia was contacted initially to see their skills in Dance Moms.
  2. A scenario powerful. The videos of Sia have been rustic and minimalist. Do you remember the cage giant Elastic Heart? Although they are not very elaborate hide a great deal of intensity that impacts the viewer.
  3. A wide range of emotions. Ziegler conveys every emotion of the dance. Judging by Big Girls Crythe girl obviously can represent many feelings, so the singer sure to take advantage of its talent.
  4. A narrative surprising. What can treat a movie called Sister? The title is simple, but promises. You can take any direction, but getting to know Sia security, we will be surprised.