This is what Miranda Kerr eats each day


Miranda Kerr is one of those supermodels that shines equally on the catwalk in the kitchen of his home. In Harper’s Bazaar America furton invited to his home in California, and they could see what Miranda Kerr is prepared each morning for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day (in addition to learning some of your recipes healthier). Alert spoiler: the mini-pancakes are included.

The supermodel australia starts the day with lemon squeezed (freshly picked from the tree) with hot water, a perfect combination to get a shiny skin that combines with the dust of Kora Organics Noni and mini pancakes, to their son Flynn. Below, Miranda Kerr practices yoga and, at noon, prepare a colorful salad with salmon. At the time of the dinner, we opted for a delicious roast chicken cooking slowly for hours.