this is the redhead you have left to ALL kinds of skin


The change of season CRIES out for a change of look and we know that the multiple tendencies of dyes for the summer 2019 makes it difficult to make a decision. But, before you start your crisis beautyyou have a good news: the red-haired it’s back. Now, in a version rich in color and perfect for ALL SKIN TYPES. Yes, as well as what you read, the ‘Copper Dark Hair‘it is the dye suitable for all women of all skin tones and that will better highlight your features so that you are pretty all the season of heat. Read on and discover how to apply it in your look.

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What is the ‘Copper Dark Hair’?

As its name implies, is a color ‘copper’ in dark shades that arrive to the redhead. Therefore, the hue is rich in color and has a single depth which makes it completely malleable depending on the woman you use it: if you are a woman pine-nut shape, the Copper Dark Hair comes to life, and with flashing eye-catching; if a brown woman wears, the dye becomes sensual and full of intensity.


The benefits of the ‘Copper Dark Hair‘is that it achieves to bring light to the face in addition that brightens the skin in a unique way.