The teen daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes every day looks more like his mom


Suri Cruise is already a beautiful teenager.

Suri Cruise left his childhood behind

The public appearances of Suri Cruise have been counted, at least compared with other children of artists. Many more after the divorce of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in 2012.

The daughter of the famous he had been very reserved in their interactions with the public; some pictures, two or three videos, a few publications of their parents. This, since the intention was to have the small away from the media scandal.

But the curiosity of the media always satisfied thanks to the paparazzi. The last time it was captured the as young man of 13 years it was just a few weeks ago.

He inherited her mom’s beauty

Was very surprised the public since it is an exact copy of her mom Katie. Suri Cruise turned up with some exercise pants with designs of pink, and a t-shirt smooth of the same color.

With dark hair floor, a smile on his face and a coffee in hand appeared next to his mother. Holmes also wore a sportswear doing more and more evident amazing resemblance between the two.

The two shared an afternoon of mother and daughter showing how united they are. The audience, meanwhile, highlighted impressed with their physical similarities o Both are beautiful!

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